Monday, June 2, 2014

Email 6/2/14

Tomorrow is Sister Scott and My 11 MONTH MARK!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
and on my 12 month mark I will be 20 years old!!!! ....I'm to young to be 20!!!! ><!!!

We have had a really good week! We had a last minute Zone Conference to follow up with what we learned from Elder Hollands visit and with what President talked about (personal revelation). My mind has expanded once again and it is amazing how much you can grow spiritually! I think us as a human race say, "Never", "I can't", 'I won't", far too much! Yeah ok,  I said those alot too but now I see a new perspective and when we get over ourselves and just do what The Lord needs us to do...suddenly every hour of every Day becomes that much more precious and there isn't enough time to do all the things we need to!!! haha!

I was too lazy and so I had Sister Scott send me her version of the Story. I'm so lazy!!! haha!

We had our Relief Society president come out with us and the person that we went to see wasn't home so on our way back we were talking about some of the members that might need a visit when this one individual pops in her head. He is a Less-Active but the sweetest Guy you'll ever meet!

We decided to drop by and he was home!

We chit chatted for a little then we got down to business. I had been feeling the spirit telling me that I needed to say something but didn't have any clue as to what to say. Then comes Sister Scott to the rescue! with Mosiah 4:9-12... 

and here is the rest of the story from Sister Scott's perspective....

We brought out our Relief Society President with us and she took us to dinner and then she suggested we go out to this man
...... house. Sometimes he lets us in sometimes he turns us away, well this time he let us in. He and her were having a real great talk and then it came time to share the lesson and we shared Mosiah 4:9-12 and as we began reading the spirit just flooded the room. I read first and then Sister Patterson read the last 2 versus and she just got this look and I knew what ever she said was going to be good. She looks at him and says, "I'm going to be really bold with you right now. You know what this scripture says, I don't have to tell you." and He shook his head yes, and then she went on how God needed him, and how he needed to pray and read and after that it was just quiet. And he then said, "That must have been really scary for you but I needed it. It wasn't too harsh. Thank you". He then proceeded to tell us his needs and the Relief Society President and we were able to help him. The spirit was so strong you could cut it with a knife! It was so good.

Also we have been having our ward pray for us to find families and we have found the ........ family to teach, which is......, the less active I told you about in the previous paragraph, its his daughter in law and grandkids! The Lord really has a great plan in store for this family! We have seen a lot of miracles this week. The Lord will let us do so many as we are willing to obey his spiritual prompting. Why are we so afraid to follow them when so many miracles always come from them?

Oh, did it feel good to not beat around the bush and truly call someone back to what they truly know they should be doing and where they need to be.

I had a goal to follow my promptings more and I feel a new fire in me!! Look out because Sister Scott and I are going to talk to everyone!!! ;)

We are working together and refining the things we are doing so we are more efficient and effective in achieving our goals and keeping the trust of the Members. Our Ward has been praying that we will be able to Find Families and people that have been prepared by the Lord and....We have been finding them!!! The Lord is blessing us abundantly!

The next thing we are working on with the Bishop is the thought- Our ward being obedient brings blessings but exact obedience brings Miracles. :)


Sister Patterson

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