Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Email 8/28/13

Goodbye to our Mini Missionary

We had to give back our mini Missionary back. :'( We all worked so well together! and of course being Sisters we cried. ;) haha! We wore her out but she told us that she loved being a Missionary with us and that she didn't want to leave. She was so sweet and really brought Sister Bingham and I closer as companionship.

We do have our ruff moments but we made it a ritual to say two things that we appreciate about each other and it really helps us to "never go to bed mad" ;) and it doesn't take long for us to make up. :) 

We are so excited! our investigator (Jessica) came to church this past Sunday! She had an amazing experience and want's to come back!!! :D We'll see her this Saturday and we feel like her journey towards baptism is that much closer! :)

Writing this digital mission letter was a lot harder then I thought! I will admit that I cried a few times because I was having writers block and I really wanted it to be meaningful. With Sister Binghams help I was able to figure out what I should write and I feel really good and resolved about it. :) 
It really pushed me in a good way. ;)

Well, I laughed, I cried. All in all it was a good week;)

A drawing of our Mini Missionary

Waiting for our Mini Missionary to get picked up :'(

I taught a lesson to a new investigator last week and it was the first lesson and I had to start it! I was so nervous! but once I started talking, the words came to me... yeah that totally wasn't me, that was the spirit! The lady and her son Tom, who has taken the lessons from the Elders at one time, were there. As I was talking, they were silent...! and mind you the people here in the Massachusetts Boston Mission...well...they like to talk...a LOT! so I knew that they must have been feeling something ;)

Well, I laughed, I cried and I felt the spirit guide. All in all it was a good week ;) (Wow! that rhymed) haha!


Sister Patterson

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Email 8/19/13

We got a Mini Missionary!

Her name is Sister Houff and she will be staying with us for a week!

She's 16 and so sweet that I might die! ^^

We talked to her about missionary work and how you get spiritually exhausted and she looked at us with big eyes and said, "That's how I felt yesterday after church!" Then we said, "Isn't it amazing?" and she smiled and shook her head in agreement. :)

We are doing our best to make it a fun & Spiritual experience for her. :)

Last night Sister Bingham told told me that I really stepped up to the plate when she had me explain things to Sister Houff. It really made me realize how much I have learned. :)

I made her that name tag! :D

We made sure to make her P-Day really fun so we went bowling and ate at this really good place that was like on one of those traveling dinner TV shows! ^^ and now we're just writing letters! :)

Sister Houff

Me being silly! ;P

Oh, by the way the bowling we did was with little balls and and skinny pins! so fun!

Sister Bingham

more of me myself and I ;)

oh, and the place we ate was called Howard's Drive-in

I can't believe that it's almost Transfers again!!! I will have been a Missionary for 2 months on Sep. 3rd!!!

I love this area and the people! I have been working hard to learn where everyone lives and Sister Bingham has helped me so much! :)

Irene is still going strong and is learning about the Temple and she love's it and want's to go! :)

Jessica has a 13 year old girl that we are working with and she is doing so good and she knows the Book of Mormon is true, wants everything that comes with Baptism... BUT!... doesn't want to be Baptized! She still want's us to come and teach her so that's good. :) We won't give up! ;)

Sister Patterson

Email August 12th 2013

I am Happy Mom! Especially when I throw myself into the work :) but not nearly as happy without all of you here to enjoy this experiencing it with me ;)

We had Zone Conference the other day and it was so amazing!!! We got there at 8:45 am., had breakfast, then President Packard and his wife talked to us about planning effectively. We got some good ideas how we could do better planning as a companionship.

We had lunch and then President Christenson and his wife talked about asking good questions! so good! (He's the one that wrote "The Power of Every Day Missionaries" !!!) so cool!

Then they announced that new "Digital Mission"!!! so excited!

Library hopping again so I will try to send a lot of pictures later!

I'm going to visit an older lady that's in a old folks home and she loves visitors and is an amazing member Missionary! Then maybe see Mei that lady I was telling you about, we're going to try to give her some "Stuff" ;) to read!

Love, Sarah :)
Sister Patterson


In what we consider to be the sweetest of all his epistles, the apostle Paul explained the “sacrifices” he made for the Gospel by writing:

“Yea doubtless, and I count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord: for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and do count them but dung, that I may win Christ … Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 3: 8; 13-14.)

In other words, Paul suffered “the loss of all things,” but felt that these worldly things, which apparently mattered great deal to Paul prior to his conversion, were only dung when compared to the blessings he had obtained through Christ.

Paul’s commentary of his own personal journey is instructive for all missionaries. We have been asked to sacrifice “all things” to serve the Lord, but as our perspective and disposition become more aligned with Christ’s, we start to realize that the things we “sacrificed” were really “dung” when compared to the joy obtained through a consecrated life in Christ.

We note that Paul was not able to fully leave every worldly thing behind and experience a full transformation in a single day. Rather, he said that he was still “pressing toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God.”

That seems to be the way most of us are doing it. When we entered the MTC, we thought we had “suffered the loss of all things,” but as we continue our mission, we find more and more things we want to discard. At some point, we realize that the things of the world are only dung, and we WANT to discard them. We stop seeing missionary service as a sacrifice, and start seeing it only as a blessing. When this happens, we “forget those things which are behind” and focus on the mark ahead.

It is almost cliché to say that missionary work is not really a sacrifice, even though it involves the sacrifice of all things, but it is profoundly true. We sincerely pray that it is true for each one of you.


President and Sister Packard

Me by a head stone! Sis. Bingham told me a story behind it..... 
but I can't remember it...haha! ^^ Maybe you can see the words on it and look it up.

P.S. We had an appt. last night and one of the son's got his mission call to Ventura CA!!! So I told him everything I could! They are so excited! :)

Letter 7/31/13 - 8/12/13

We got a text yesterday and it said,

”Congratulations to the Massachusetts Boston Mission 
for having *50* baptisms in the month of July!

We went and visited Sister J, gave a message about prayer and how she should try to have a family prayer with her husband (not a member) before the go to bed. She really liked that idea. She said, “Oh, I never thought about that before but I’ll try it. :) Then we gave service to her by cleaning her house. I realized how much I love vacuums to deep clean things...ha ha.

7/31/13, Yesterday
We stopped by a family that are members but less active. The sister used to practice witchcraft. As we went in, I realized that I didn’t know anything about these people and the sister was the only one home. So I started talking to her and sharing the quote Jessie wrote in my notebook about perfection. (Thanks for that by the way! I think I’ve used it like a million times and it’s a life saver.) Then a little bit about prayer and repentance (by the way, I wasn’t sure if this woman was even a member or less active).
I just laid it all out and did what the spirit told me to do. Afterward, Sister Bingham turns to me and says, “What did you do????!!!!!!,...”What did I do???!!!!...Sis. Bingham,“You just cracked that nut!”,????...Sister Bingham, This sister never has been that nice and receptive!,... “really?”. What can I say, I can even charm a witch..ha ha. :)

We went to go home one day and Sister Bingham look at me and said, “I don’t feel good about going home right now. I just feel like it’s not time to go home yet.” Me..”OK” so we wondered around and looked for someone house that we got a referral for from the MTC (a text referral from MTC/ Then after that we went to the grocery store to get some things and said a prayer before we went in. I don’t know if we were supposed to miss something or that maybe someone needed to see us out and about but I know that God is looking after us.

We had district meeting and this is the first time that I got to have lunch with the Elders afterwords! :) The First 3 times we had appts. right after our meetings. :( Anyways, it was fun.

There is a less active sister (Melissa) that we helped move and she needed a washer and dryer. One of the brothers in our ward was finally able to find one. We were so excited!
Later that night it started to rain...the Elders call!....“Sisters!””What?”....Elders...”Is it raining there?... us....”yes”...Elders...”We need you to go to the church and cover the washer/dryer!” That brother had dropped the washer and dryer off at the church right outside the storage shed by the church. “Ok, Elders! We will come up with something!”
So we run out in our pajamas with flashlight, trash bags, and tape in hand. As soon as we get to the church we look around and the church parking lot is totally dry! Wow! The Lord was waiting for us to cover the washer and dryer so he could make it rain. Pretty cool! It was an adventure. (Dad, I know what your thinking but the Elders live a lot farther away from the church than we do. We’re like 5 minutes away). :)
We thought we would get to bed early that night but they called at 10:25 pm. Awwwwh, man! Oh well!

We had a big activity today called “The Day at the Lake” at one of the member houses.
They live right on the lakeside. So pretty! They had music, swimming, and food of which I probably ate too much of. ha ha It was wonderful!

Today at church we saw Melissa with her 2 boys. One is 8 and the other is 2. We are so excited to see them and feel her desire to come back to church. She told us that her boys keep asking when the missionaries are coming and that just melted our hearts. She said, “I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the spirit that you all bring when you were here and they felt it”. So Sweet!
We went to check up on Irene and she looks amazing. She is just glowing with the spirit. We talked about temples (Baptism for the dead) and she said “Yup! that makes sense”.
I love her.

10:30 am. We are about to go with the Elders to the Basketball Hall of Fame! I don’t know much about it but I will take pictures and it will be fun to do something different.

4:30 pm. We’re in the car driving back right now! It was really fun. The pictures tell all you need to know really. Oh, but we ended up getting in for way less then it would have been because of Sister Acosta. She said to the ticket lady. “I’m old so I get that discount right?” The lady said, “Yes! Oh, is this a church group?” ....”Yes, we’re a church group”. So we got that one as well. It turned out to be $13 instead of $20.

We had a couple appt’s today and a correlation with Pres. Dusty. Then we set out for Boston. We are going to spend the day tomorrow with our Sister training leaders and go on splits. They are Sister Calder (who I went with) and Sister Bringhurst (who went with Sister Bingham. It was fun! They are so bubbly! I learned some things from Sister Calder and apparently she learned some things from me. Really? I felt so good about myself.

For one of our appts. we had planned on teaching member missionary work/inviting friends to church and then following up with meeting with the missionaries etc. but the sister we were meeting with texts us 2 hours before our dinner appt. and tells us that she is bringing her friend who is interested in the church to have dinner with us. We were so excited! But now we needed a new lesson plan. It turned our really well and I talked a bit more than Sister Calder but I just did what the spirit told me to do and say. :) It was amazing!

Before we left, the Sisters gave us some amazing CTR rings that a Brother in the ward makes. We could totally make these Dad! :) They said that he gives them out to all the primary kids and anyone he meets. So fun!
(Oh, we got to talk/meet with President Packard when we first got there. Sister Packard is so sweet and asked me if I was feeling better (less homesick)). I am a lot better.

We drove back to North Brookfield today. “There’s no place like home.”

We met with Brother M. His wife is a member. She is from the Philippines and he is Caucasian. He says things like, “I’m not a member....yet!!!” Apparently he received a powerful feeling after he prayed once and it kind of scared him. So we talked to him about faith and I shared part of the conversion story you gave me Mom. I cried while reading it and I think he even got a a little misty eyed. I think it really touched him.
“Yep, that’s right, sister missionaries make grown men cry.” We should put that on a T-Shirt. :) I felt really good and our Elders were happy to hear the good news cause they are the main ones that work with him. In fact, the Elders came up to us after they had had a lesson with him and said, “What did you do to the man? He told us he loved us right before we left.“

I have decided to smile and say Hello to as many people as I can and if possible sincerely ask them how they are doing and brighten their day in some way.
So then I noticed this guy checking me out...(checking me out at the grocery store..ha ha...that sounded funny). Anyways, he looked like he was just having a long day and that he needed someone to look him straight in the eye (instead of looking down at the food you bought,...etc.). I said, “Hello, how have you been today?” ...him...”Oh, ummm, well, its been ok I guess”,...”Good! You know they say that your day goes the direction of the corners of your mouth.” He then looked me with a surprised smile on his face and he said, “Yeah, that’s a good way to put it.” :)

We had zone conference today! It was so amazing! I got to see Sister Scott! I was so happy! She reminds me of Erin and it made me feel like I was coming home....sniff..sniff.

We saw Leine for lunch today and she just got her endowments. She was positively glowing. She is amazing! She’s waiting for her fiance to get back from serving in the army and he wants to become a member but she said, “Now wait! are you doing this for me or because you actually want to be baptized?” She wants the best! There’s no fooling with a woman like that when she wants Eternity! I love her.

Branch council this morning at 8:30 am., then church.
Quick Note: Saturday night we had an investigator (Jessica) that was wanting to go to church but didn’t have a ride so being a greenie I called a couple that you normally wouldn’t but I got them to pick her up. Oh, Yeah! But then we get a text from her after our meeting saying, “I am so sorry! I slept in and can’t come to church! I was sooo sad! NOOOO!
Then the couple that was picking her up were so sweet and said, “Well, we’ll try again next week”. HALLELUJAH!

We also taught YW’s on Temple Marriage. I easily could’ve started crying because it brought back memories of my Beehives/YW’s.

Did you know that Sister Bingham and I taught the Millet’s their last temple prep class today? Sister Millett asked if we could be her escorts. We want to go so bad but we’re not allowed. So sad. I love them. We go over once in a while and help Emily with personal progress. So fun!

We woke up did our work outs (I’m getting really buff). ;) Sister Bingham took my bag once and almost feel over. Sister Bingham... “What do you have in here? Bricks?!!!” ha ha Yep! Oh, then she said, “Man those Elders better not mess with Sister Patterson!” ha ha :) Anyways, ...then after we wrote letters at the library we stopped by Mei’s and gave her a Book of Mormon, Proclamation to the Family, For the Strength of Youth and a Restoration pamphlet. She was excited and said, “Well, now I know what my summer reading is going to be.” :)
Then we stopped by Sister Jacobson’s and shared a message with her about the priesthood. As we were walking out I felt like I should go back to the lady at the front desk. (Sister Jacobson is in a rest home) So we went back and gave her a pass along card. I hope that we helped lift her day.

Well, thats enough chatter from me.

Love you a million pass along cards! :)


Sarah (Sister Patterson)

Friday, August 9, 2013

Email August 5, 2013

P-Day with the Elders

We got to go to the Basketball Hall of fame today with our, 
and the Oxford Elders! so fun! :)

We got to look at the history and shoot some hoops as well! 

We got ice cream after! 

P.S.  Poor Elder Taggart twisted his ankle trying to dunk the ball...oh, dear! ^^

Sister Patterson

Letter July 23 - July 30th

Daily Happenings

Today we went to our appointment with Irene and we took our Branch President with us. Pres. Dusty!....I know right! That is the coolest name ever!
Our lesson went really good! We talked about Baptism, the Spirit, Priesthood, and Faith.  She has such a strong testimony and she is so ready to baptized but she worries about her health and having enough strength but he said that today has been one of her best days so far.  We’re praying that she continues to get well enough so that she can be baptized. 

During the lesson I was pretty quiet but then I felt prompted to tell Mom’s baptism story about how it felt different because there was the proper authority and then bore my testimony.  After I finished she looked at me and said, “Oh, thats why I love the Holy Spirit! see, what you just said gave me chills.” Wow! I just made someone feel chills from something I said....Ahh! so cool!  I also said a couple things that Sister Bingham said almost made her tear up a little from being so proud and feeling that I was saying just what she needed to hear.  I love the Holy Ghost.

Today was Sister Bingham’s Birthday! I wrote her a note and we finished off the day with some Pizza and Klondike bars! Yumm!

Today we met with a member for lunch and she has been thinking about homeschooling and when I told her that I was home schooled she got all excited and asked me how I liked it.  You know now I responded of course.:) It was a really nice appt. with her. 

The roads here are so windy and there are so many ways to get to one place (lots of dirt roads). It’s really Green! I took lots of Pic’s.  Later today we helped a lady pack and start moving over to her new home. My instincts kicked in and we (Elders and us) got a ton done in just an hour and half! Oh Yeah! 
We’ll it’s late so good night! 

Today we went to Irene’s with Hannah B. (member) and Irene said that she wants to be Baptized!...this sunday after church! Afterward we went to Sister Johnson’s for lunch and it was amazing. We also did service for her (cleaning). 

Sister Bingham drove into a hole! Don’t worry, she was trying to make a U turn and the plants covered it and the inner part of the bumper/wheel well, got shifted/broken. When I first saw it it looked worse than it was cuz the bumper was kind of popped out of place. So being me.....I popped it back...I fixed it!....well sort of. :)

We cleaned the church later to get ready for the big musical fireside that we’ve been handing out flyers like crazy for.  You would be so proud of me........ready....I have cleaned 29 toilets so far! 23 at the MTC for service day, 1 in our apartment on P-Day and 1 tonight at the church too!  Well, it’s late.  Love ya!  Good night!

Today was busy! We had district meeting and then had a lunch appt. with Sister Kelly and her nonmember friend Connie. We taught her about the restoration and other things. Then we went to Sister Gamache’s...then the Thompson’s. The Thompson’s are so fun! Sister Thompson is so creative and Brother Thompson is so smart in the gospel and likes to get really deep into it. Sister Thompson always rolls her eyes and teases him about it  and apologizes to us for having to listen to him. ;)  ha ha! But he really is super smart and I have learned a lot! :)

We just went out to do our exercising and put more flyers for the musical fireside on doors and met a few people that looked really interested in coming. I’m so excited and nervous at the same time!

After the Musical
It was sooooo Amazing! I’ll send the program. I had goose bumps! Pres. Packard sang with his daughter Natalie and son Michael. They are amazing singers! I got really emotional seeing the Packards cuz they are like the fill-in family for you all and afterwards I talked to Sister Packard.  I gave her the spoon earrings and the tie tack for President. She really liked them and during all this, I’m being a big baby and saying how their like my family and how much I love them.  She was so sweet and told me that if I ever feel like I miss home and just need a family, to call her. And if it was really bad, I could even drive over and stay a while at the mission home.  I love them. 

We had about 200ish members come from our branch and some from other wards in different areas. They said we had about 45ish none members there. I heard a lot of people saying how beautiful it was and how it really touched their hearts. “Yep! thats the spirit for ya”! :)

I’m waiting for Sister Bingham to get off the computer and I just remembered that I left my camera in the Car!!!! :(    I hope I have time to go grab it and then upload them before we have to get ready for our appt.!!!
I feel like a wild animal when people try to take my letter writing time if someone said “Oh, no, you can’t write your “OH NO YOU DON’T!RRRRRRRRRUFF!”  ;)  Don’t nobody miss with me and my family time! (Sorry just needed to rant... this hasn’t happened to me- don’t worry. ;)

We met a lady named Mei (you say it like May) Martin. She is tall Chinese woman that 
owns her own tool store and she ‘s probably in her 30’s. She is really sweet and just wants the best for her kids. I told her about you all and she was really impressed. I told her how having the gospel growing up really helped me have a solid foundation and that I know I have a Heavenly Father who knows me completely and I could go to him with anything.  After I said that, she had this wide eyed look on her face...then a customer came in and we had to go. We are hoping to get her to become an investigator and out of the potential investigator category.  :)

I love the Lord and I love you!
(There’s a plaque quote for you Dad!)

Oh, the lesson we teach tonight is with the Millet’s and we’re teaching temple prep.
They have been member for about 4 or 5 years now and were inactive for a little bit in the middle there, for a bit, but they are so strong and they have a Boston accent! He can be a jokester but he’s soft on the inside. It’s cute to see him with their 2 year old girl cuz he’ll be like, “What do you want!” and she’ll grab his face in her hands and say, “I love you!” and he melts.  Cute! :)

Oh, my goodness! Last night at the Millet’s was so fun! We had dinner (salad and chicken with stuffing). Bro Millet and their son Sam (teenager) were talking..well more like deal making. ;)  Sam works with his Dad doing ? construction ?..(something like that) and Sam will also take calls and get jobs confirmed. They were just going back and forth with who should get payed for getting the job. So funny!

At one point Brother Millet brought up a random story of some Hollywood people who in celebration of their baby being born got their toilets dipped in GOLD!   “What!” and then I said, “Oh, man, well, their just sitting on that gold aren’t they!” and Bro. and SIs. Millet looked at me and busted out laughing! :)  Oh, man, I love it when I get those one’s that just come to me at the perfect moment! ;)

We just got back from Irene’s Baptism!  Like I told you, we got approved to do it in her bath tub.  When we got there we got everything ready and then....the water wouldn’t turn on in the tub. The water worked everywhere else...hmmmmm...The devil was really trying but he should have realized that she had a determined army behind her! So, we found jugs, pots, bowls, etc., anything we could find and got everyone to do a fireman line from the kitchen sink to the tub!  I’ll try to get the picture of me to you of me filling up the jugs!  ha ha

It was such a special experience after we finally got the tub filled we started. Brother Taggart gave a talk on Baptism then I sang a solo! :) I sang, “I know that my Redeemer lives” verse 1 & 4. Afterwards, she thanked me and I could tell that she was filled with the spriit.  She even started to get a little misty eyed. 

Then she got BAPTISED! After that she thought she was done but Nope! she was confirmed! Now that was special.  After they finished with eyes closed and hands out reached she sat there so overcome and said a prayer of thanks.  The spirit was so strong!  Then she suddenly hopped out of her chair and her face was in shock! She said, “I can walk!” “I haven’t walked without grabbing something in years!” Then she was boppin’ around everywhere saying “Oh, I can do it...this is so fun!
She is so cute. 
She already telling us about people she wants to share the gospel to.
Such a special day.  

Well, until the next nice fat letter.

Love you!
Sister Patterson

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Email July 29th 2013

We had a very interesting experience this Sunday

As we were walking into the church, we saw a lady who looked lost and my heart skipped a beat! We asked her if she needed help. She then told us that she had seen the flyer for the musical but couldn't go so she came today instead because she was curious...!!! We were on cloud 9! We sat with her for sacrament meeting and tried to explain what was happening. (that was also the day Mike Hi got confirmed) The theme for the talks was temple covenants. One of the speakers talked about Eternal Marriage and about being faithful to each other.

After her talk was over she asked where the bathroom was and as we showed her she looked at us with eyes full of tears and said, "I'm so sorry, I have to go." Us, "Whats wrong???" Her,"I'm just really hit home.. I'm so sorry!" and she ran down the hall. We tried to run after her but all we were able to do was tell her that if she needed anything to call us with the number on the program she had. All we had gotten from her was her first name "Donna". She has been on my mind constantly and we are just praying that she calls us.

Pretty crazy, huh?

Sister Patterson

Me at a little place where they make Maple Candy, Syrup, Butter...etc..

Sadly they were closed but we will try to go there again! :) 

Email July 22nd 2013

That was Sis.Bingham's Birthday!! :)

My new companion is Sister Bingham! She is really sweet and it's funny cuz I'm 5'7 and she's 4''s fun.  The Elders joked about her getting someone that was 6'0 or something! haha! ^^ 
It came in handy though when we went out to exercise.  When we got back we accidentally forgot to unlock it before we left! >< but then she remembered that the window by the stairs was open and I said, "I can lift you up through the window!?" So we said a prayer that we wouldn't die and then we went for it! I grabbed a hold of the the railing and put my foot on the stair (we live on the 2 floor and we get in our apartment with a outdoor stair case) then she stood on my leg and I threw her in... ok I lifted her in... I thought it would sound more exciting that way... haha! ^^    
And we made it!!! yay! 

Here are the Thompson's! They are super sweet and Brother Thompson is soooo smart in the gospel! We went there to teach and I ended up learning! 

That's him and his knife he made from the last bit of rail road steal he had from his Father! so cool! :D

Here's the Elders! haha!

The zone leaders had fun playing with my camera! haha! ^^

Elder Taggart is the tallest one and is always saying short jokes like- don't be short with me or you got here in a short time.  Sister Bingham enjoys them too. ;) haha! 


Sister Patterson

Letter July 17th - July 22, 2013

First Days in Massachusetts

My first day in Massachusetts was Amazing!  We met our mission president- President Packard, his wife, and their children. They are soooooooooooooooooo nice!  I love them so much.  They have their oldest son, Brent, on a Mission in Chile.  Their next child Angela, age 19, has Garvis disease and even though she has gone through so much she is so strong and has an amazing testimony. Then they have another daughter, Natalie, age 16, who is super cute and perky.  Then their son Michael, age 10, is super smart. They all are really enthusiastic about missionary work.

Daniel William Packard, 43, and Alison McBride Packard, four children, Heritage Oaks Ward, Los Altos California Stake. Brother Packard serves as a stake seminary teacher and is a former counselor in a stake presidency, stake Young Men president, stake mission president, high councilor, bishop, Young Men president and missionary in the California San Bernardino Mission. Partner/attorney, Packard, Packard & Johnson. Born in Beaumont, Texas, to Bernard E and Sarah Packard.
Sister Packard serves as a secretary in Young Women and is a former stake public affairs director, Young Women president, counselor in a Relief Society presidency, seminary teacher and missionary in the Uruguay Montevideo and Texas Fort Worth missions. Born in Ogden, Utah, to Charles Brent and Jane Ruth McBride.

The second day we went street contacting!  I was really nervous at the thought but after we started it was actually really easy and fun! We gave out 10 cards and 2 Book of Mormon.  One of them was a black guy that looked really interested. After we talked to him, Sister Gibson saw that he went on a bench and started reading it!   After we met back up and got in the van, I realized that I forgot to get his information!!!!! :(  Oh, man! Oh well, at least he has a Book of Mormon and a card where he can go to for answers. 

President Packard is so amazing! He gets so excited that when he talks he gets faster and faster and faster. Its so funny!  Oh, and he has a Texas accent.  I had my first interview with him so that he could get an idea of who I am and why I am here which helps him decide who would be my companion. 
Usually he takes a while to pray about it but after I finished talking he looked me lovingly in the eyes and said.....I think I  know who your companion is! So cool!

The next day was transfer day. We all drove up (President Packard drove myself and a couple other girls) to the chapel right next to the Temple (apparently Mitt Romney went to this building). We all gathered in a room and introduced ourselves.....then Pres. Packard started.....he called the first name and announced the companionship.....clapping, smiles, giggles......then another....then another......when finally he called "Sister Patterson!" I stood up and said with a gasp, "I almost thought you forgot me!"..laughs....."Oh, no, how could I forget you!" :)  Then he said........(suspense)......."You are going to a beautiful place and your companion has only been out for 6 weeks but she is amazing.....Sister Bingham!!!!!!"  She jumped up with a scream!  Then we went and sat by each other while the rest got their new companions.  After a meeting where the missionaries that were leaving gave testimonies and a member of the Quorum of the 70's spoke, we walked to the temple to set a goal that we would see our progress on the next time we come back. Then we left in our little red car (if it wasn't for the GPS she had we would have been totally lost). Sister Bingham is the designated driver. 

I'm in the North Brookfield area! It's very green! and humid! It's more of a country town and the houses are absolutely Beautiful! I keep saying to Sister Bingham "Oh, my Mom would love that house", "Oh, that is sooo pretty.

Here are some pictures of the area! 

Oh, so the roads here sometimes aren't paved so that was an adventure! haha especially my first day when we went on one I was pretty sure we were lost and that the GPS had lost it's marbles! haha! but no we got to our appt. and all was well! except one time when the GPS tried to use a walking path to get us to the main road...yeah I think that hasn't been updated yet... haha!  

The names of everything are pretty funny...even the peoples last names. For instance, there is a town town called Ware......yeah, I already cracked a couple jokes on that one like, "Oh, wait, Ware did you say that town was again?"  ha ha

My first day in our area we had dinner with Bro. and Sis. Weagle. 
When we drove up he had zip ties in  his hand ready for us to help him fix a little garden fence. :)

There are bugs everywhere. When it gets  I have 5 mosquito bites on my legs and 1 on my ear.   BUZZ....Sarah is yummy!  There was a big bug that flew into my head that totally caught me off guard! ha ha :)

Our apartment is really big! It's right over a beauty salon. Cute! I know!

That's the view from our apartment! :)

There's a big music program this saturday at our ward building called "Music on a Summers Eve" and the lady that put it together worked with Gladys Knight. We've been trying to hand out flyers to anyone and everyone we see because we found that we have like a Million at the bottom of the box.  We will do our best!

We are at the Library right now and I'm about to send you some pictures.  (Mom your going to love it!)

We have two sets of Elders. One set is in Oxford and then us sisters and the other set of Elders are over North Brookfield.  We had district meeting and I got to meet our Elders. They are really fun!   The Elders had a Baptism yesterday!  Oh, our ward isn't actually considered a ward cuz it's so small it's just a branch.  I sang in the choir and it was so small. There were 12 of us and that was with us Sisters and Elders in it. But it turned out good. We sang our little peapickin hearts out. :) (That one was for Grandma) ha ha!


We are hopefully going to have a Baptism soon!  Her name is Irene. I haven't met her yet but Sister Bingham calls her every day to check up on her and I've heard her voice on speaker phone. We call to check if she hasn't had any coffee and so far she's been clean for 3 weeks. :)  Irene is 87 years old and we are so proud every time she says, "Yeah, it was a bad day and I was really tempted but I didn't give in!" She's been having hot chocolate and orange juice instead. Yay!! 

Leine is the lady in the photo with me. She is amazing! She is a convert and she is preparing to go to the temple soon (she is in her 50"s or so).  We had a awesome discussion and the spirit was super strong. 

Me with Leine! She is a convert and so inspiring. She has gone through so much and said that ever since the gospel has been in her life she is a totally different person and a 100 times happier. She has a rock solid Testimony! I love her! :)   

I am so Blessed to have such a wonderful family, friends, and ward supporting me! I feel your prayers and want to thank all those who were so generous in helping me get ready for my Mission.  You all mean the world to me. 

I was so shocked to hear what happened to Reesa.  I have to say it didn't really sink in until I went to bed last night and I started to cry.  I will miss that girl dearly.  I still can't believe that she's gone. It's weird because I just saw her walking around right before I left. This is definitely the time when I am grateful for the gospel in our lives.  It's so hard to convey my feelings on paper. I think it all still feels fake.  

I love you all and miss you sooooooo much!  I know we all can be together forever.

Love you, Love you, Love you, 

Sarah (Sister Patterson)

P.S.  Mom- I got your package.  They said that from now on to send things by priority mail so that it will forward to me from the mission office.