Monday, February 24, 2014

Email 2/24/14

Us with our Mini Missionary Sister Berrey :)

I am doing really well and staying extremely well and Super busy! (Sister Slater is the new driver). We have 6 Missionaries in our ward but we still have to do a lot of the work! >< 
The office Elders only have after 6pm to go out and then the other pair of Sisters are working in the office as well doing special assignments!   

Sister Slater is AMAZING and has inspired me so much! I am working on improving myself and it feels good! ^^

Sister Bell is in my district! Ok, so she is also in my ward too because she is one of the office sisters and they are assigned to our ward! She is totally awesome! I love her! XD

We got a Mini Missionary and that was really fun! Her name is Sister Berrey! She was so sweet! We loved having her with us for the weekend :)

plus we are getting another Mini Missionary for this weekend as well. :) 

We just met 2 Media referrals that are super promising and we are so excited!!!! 
I will tell you all about it after we find out more about how they will progress! ^^
but here is a quote from one of our referrals, "All my friends are African, I don't have any white friends." Sister Slater and I look at each other and back at him, "Hey we can be your first white Friends". ^^ haha! He thought that was funny :)   

I love you a million Media referrals and Mini Missionaries! 

Love you,
Sister Patterson

I forgot to tell you that I got an opportunity to take pictures for the Digital Mission that might be used if they work for the site! Who knows, I may get famous on my mission! haha! No, there are a lot of really talented missionaries taking pictures out here. But thought I would share :)

Oh, Oh, Oh! AND I just got asked to be a Digital Missionary along with Sister Slater who was one in her last area! So now we are going to be even that much busyerererer! haha! We can do it and it will be an adventure!

Love you,
Sister Patterson ;)

Monday, February 17, 2014

Email 2/17/14

Sister Slater, Me, Sister Nelson, Sister Roy

 Sister Bingham my Trainer

This week was crazy with Transfers! but we survived! One thing that happened was that when Sister Roy left to Plymouth she also took the phone with her!!!! Ahhhhhhh! ^^ It turned out ok though because they sent it in the mail and now we are back and connected to the world again! :D haha! and we just judged for ourselves that Thursday was a snow day (which we found out it was the next day at District meeting :) and they all welcomed us with an all together, "Your alive!" haha! ^^

We got a cool Service opportunity coming up to help with a food pantry in Wayland in a little Church's basement :) Fun Fun! ^^

Sister Slater is Totally AMAZING!
She is so fun and dedicated! She is working so hard to learn all the people which I am still doing myself . ;) The ward is huge! There is a lot of work to do but we are doing our best to keep on top of it.
Sister Slater is from Woodland Hills in Utah. She love's to dance and she has a little ukulele! That was fun and I have video's to send of us playing. :D Oh and she loves Dolphins. ^^

That is something that I am really working on and feel a lot of responsibility on my shoulders being the one who has been here the longest and I don't want anyone to be forgotten! So, with the advice the President gave me, I am taking things one step at a time and really trying to prioritize. We are planning out a lot of really good things and as a companionship we have a ton of similar goals :) We were talking about it and it was funny because Sister Slater and I realize we are more chill people. Our old companions were similar to each other as well so we were thinking that now that the ones that are more similar are together we are going to need to take the things that we learned from those companions and use this as a growing period in the areas that our companions used to fill in the weaker areas.

Love you loads of Snow days stuck in our apartment! ;)      
Sister Patterson
Sarah :)


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Email 2/12/14

Ok so........Sister Roy is getting Transferred!!!!! and my New Companion is......Sister Slater! The Girl Sister Langton told me was related to her! She came out the same time as us and she is really nice! I am really excited! :)  

I am going to have to teach someone an area for the first time! >< I got a blessing from the Elders and after Sister Roy got one because she had just gotten a cold. :P 

AND!!!! We woke up this morning thinking, "Ok we have today to do everything because tomorrow is Transfers" then we get a text from Sister Packard saying, "Because of the Storm that is coming tomorrow we have moved Transfer meeting to...tonight... at 6:30pm!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! We rushed around and I'll tell you something you can really accumulate a lot of stuff in 7 months. haha! Poor Sister Roy plus she has all her medical stuff too!  It was like I got to experience moving with you guys after all! haha! I was filling  boxes and everything. ;) 

We got to go to some thrift stores and one of them was called, "Sister Thrift" :D haha! We took a picture! :) I even found a pair of pants that aren't high water!!!!! FINALLY!!! XD haha!   

Us with Sister Little! 

The Boucher Family on the day of Tyler and Emma's Baptism :D

Here they are in their jump suits ^^

Us with Tyler & Emma

Us with Jose who had a hand in helping teach the Boucher kids even before he was Baptized.;) 
He is growing up so fast!

The Baptism on Saturday was amazing and the R.S. room was packed! :) They really felt loved from so many people coming! I have a tender story to tell you that I don't have time to share right now but really brought a new perspective. I didn't know I could grow this much!  It's like seeing new muscles after working out for a long time ;) 

Oh, and we will find out soon but I heard though the grape vine that I may not be the designated driver anymore!!!! :D I have become a better driver and come to enjoy it but now I may be able to relax :D

Love you a million things to do and never enough time! XD

P.S. I drew Sister Roy and she loved it! :D

Monday, February 3, 2014

Email 2/3/14

A picture of us with the Pinson's and there 2 friends that we just started teaching. :) We had a little too much fun ;)
Oh and Sister Pinson texted me one day and said that after she put one of these photos on Facebook that her Niece and Nephew know me! then she said they were Tamara and Daniel Steminger!!!! Small world! ^^ so fun. :)

To give you a little background on this first paragraph it was a response to Presidents letter about not saying bad things about your area or telling other Missionaries that they were being banished to an area that was really hard. Our President was very upset because he always prays very hard to know where the Lord wants them to be. He also talked about how saying those things are like poison.! It was very bold! ...I loved it! ;) 

-Thank you for your note it really meant a lot :) and oh man did I like your weekly letter! It is so true! 
For instance our area was doing ok when I got here and then we got to the point where we were desperate to find people to teach but after one hard day of canceled appointments we decided to try one last time and...yep! we went tracking! ;) That's when we found the cute little family. We are still struggling to see them but I just remember the overwhelming feeling of knowing that even when you get tired, discouraged and feeling beaten down, none of those efforts are, or will be forgotten. Now the area has really gotten so busy. I personally feel that every area is in a way busy. I just look at every house that we pass by with the warm lights on inside and feel that they are all just waiting quietly for the Gospel to be in their lives. Its as though their Spirits are sleeping and some are just more awake then others at different times. I have felt so blessed to see the difference in one area that I personally had heard about as being, like you said, "A good area" but we have had our struggles too. Only through hard work and trust in the Lord and the members do Miracles happen.

We had a pretty cool experience happen these past 2 weeks. We've been meeting with a less-active lady that has been coming back to church and doing so well but wait! that's not it! She has a little family of two girls ages 6 and 2 and a husband that is not a member. She told us that he was open and so we went and taught him.....we were at our 2nd appointment with them and asked if they had read the little reading guide that we given them and they looked at each other and said no..."Ok, will you make that a goal to try again to do that together?" They agreed and as we were in one part of the lesson the Husband says, "Well actually I just read the first few chapters of the Book of Mormon about two days ago."..........Wait, What!!!! and you said you weren't reading!?!?! We all laughed and then Sister Roy and I told him that that was awesome! Then asked him what he thought and felt as he read. He said, "I received and answer." us, "What was the Question?" Him, "...Truth" .....WOW!. Then he went on to say, "I felt this warm tingly feeling." Now let me explain why this was so shocking, ok, visualize a tall man of great stature and then think of him saying... "I felt this warm tingly feeling."... yeah it was pretty Amazing! We extended a Baptism date and tears filling both of their eyes he excepted. Sister Roy and I looked at each other and nodded. She went on to tell them that the experience we had that very morning after we had prayed and both received the same answer for the date. They looked at us in shock. The Spirit was so sweet in that moment and Sister Roy and I both agree that it was such an honor to be apart of that families road to true happiness and seeing them all being able to go to the Temple.  What a wonderful experience that I will never forget.

I am trying to learn and soak up everything I can from Sister Roy while I can because I know that I may not get to keep her much longer. :( I feel like I have grown a lot and that I am ready....maybe...;) haha!

Today is My and Sister Roy's 7 month Mark! Boy how time flies!
Transfers are next Thurs. so my P-Day is on Wed. We find out about transfers on Sat. Night!!! 

Love you not enough hours in the day ;P

Sister Patterson :)

Funny Thing I wanted to tell you! When we were talking to the Pinson's I mentioned that Casey was my brother and they were in awe.  They pulled up his picture on their smart phone and pointed "This Casey Patterson?" "Yep" I said, and then yesterday in the hall at church they stopped me and congratulated me on Casey's win in a game he recently won. I was so excited. They smiled and I thanked them for being my updater's on Casey haha! so fun!^^