Monday, September 29, 2014

Email 9/29/14

Additions from last week and updates from this week.

So what happened Sunday night was that as we were on our way to Alex's house we got a call from a unknown # and when we call it back Alex answers and tells us that he will not be able to meet tonight because of an emergency. He was really sorry and it made our hearts melt. He is such a genuine and nice kid.

Flash forward to this week. We got to see him yesterday and we brought one of the YSA's, Jeff, who peaks Portuguese and he did amazing!!! He used the Pamphlet as a reference with the pictures and gave the Mother an overview of the First lesson. Something that stood out to me was as he was talking I couldn't understand the language but the Spirit testified to me that no matter the language you speak that the Spirit is like music. You don't have to know it to be able to feel it. Anyways back to the story, Jeff translated some questions that we had and he would tell us her response. She was very open to what we had to share and willing to learn more herself! She was all for her Son being a part of a church that would help him stay on a good path and teach good values plus she said that she had heard of the church where she came from which is Cape Verde and was very impressed. She also mentioned how she liked how respectful we were to them.

Alex is excited for his baptism date and was asking us all about what it was going to be like. We told him that this was going to be his day! He liked that. ;)


We met with Adrien and we talked to him about the Plan of Salvation and drew out the picture for him which was a huge help! He really connects to the Scriptures!

He came to church on Sunday and there were a ton of members that were so excited to see him!

We taught him during 2nd hour and had one of the YSA's, Natalie, help us speak French to him and help with some words that he didn't know how to translate. She is really sweet and we are excited to take her out with us to teach with us more often. :)

We had Zone Conference this last Thursday and we got to go to Connecticut!

I was tempted to see if Donald and Michelle could stop by during the lunch break but I didn't...lame I know! but maybe we can figure something out for latter. :)

The Conference was awesome and Sister Standerfer and I got super pumped about making our area explode with success! We had a non District meeting the next day to make District goals and really become more Consecrated!!! I am so ready to be more obedient and making sure I leave with NO REGRETS!!!

So much has been going on and we are staying busy! We are planning further ahead and are determined to be obedient! We even have been walking and getting rides from members as to NOT go over our miles. We have about 20 left and still have tomorrow! Thank goodness we have amazing members that give so much and buses in our area. We will do it!!!

Sister Standerfer is incredible and on fire! She needs to keep going which has helped me stay organized!

Sister Standerfer misses home which is natural but it's funny because she will be sad and then the next minute she will get fired up about baptizing everyone before I leave and knows that she is here and we are here for a divine purpose! Her and I have a lot of similarities that bring me back to the beginning of my Mission. I love her So much and I am honored to be her Trainer!
We work well together and Compliment each other! ;)

Love you a Million things to do and not enough time... or Miles... ;)


Sister Patterson

P.S. Sorry no Pictures but we do have a picture with Alex after his football game but it will come next week because it is on Sister Standerfer's camera and she forgot the cord.

Plus I will take some of the trees because they are changing and they are really pretty!!!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Email 9/22/14

 Casey won!!! That's awesome!!!!!!

Alex, our investigator, is amazing! We had a lesson on Baptism and to see him ponder the questions and also see the twinkle in his eye as he talked about how what we share can make him feel good and makes my heart melt. The gospel is so true and I know this can something feel this divine and be so complex and yet so simple. Be as a little child the Lord Commanded us! After we had the lesson we told him to tell his Mom that we would bring a Portuguese speaker next Sunday so she can have an opportunity to learn the things that he has. We stopped by on Friday night to see if he had told his Mom and when we saw him his face lit up and he said that Sunday would still work but when we asked if he had told his Mom...he paused... "Go tell her now then!" haha! He went to the kitchen and Sister Standerfer was able to see her reaction through the crack of the door as he told her that we would be bringing someone that could speak Portuguese for her. In Sister Standerfer's words, "Her face lit up like a kid on Christmas morning!"
We were so excited to teach her!

We have been struggling to meet up with Adrien but on Tues. we got to see him in downtown Amherst where he got us a bagel. We talked about him being ready for his Baptism date and got to get a little read on what he wants. We invited him to have Dinner with the Bowen's and that was amazing!!!! The Bowens are awesome fellow-shippers and we even got to hear him bear his testimony about how sacred and special Baptism and the Sacrament were to him! He said he would be a church and that he is excited to learn more. We showed him his progress sheet to get across that we still have a lot to teach him before he can be baptized. He understood so hopefully we will be able to teach him more often. Sunday came around and Adrien didn't come to church :( but that's ok everything will work out.

We went to double confirm with Alex. He was so funny and saw us coming and tryed to scare us! We confirmed and he then wanted to make sure we could still come to his game which is today and we need to rush off so I will need to fill in some more of the story next time!!!!
Off to see Alex's Football game!!!

Love you all a million leaves about to fall!

Love Sister Patterson

Monday, September 15, 2014

Email 9/15/14

First off Sister Standerfer is AMAZING!!!! she catches on super fast and is very determined and has so much fire!!! It is exactly what I need and this area needs! We had the opportunity to get a new investigator together yesterday and that put an extra pep in our step! :)

I feel like she will make a wonderful trainer someday! because I think even though I am the trainer she is training me!

Boy is being missionary life prep or what!? ;)

We also got a baptism Date last night with our 15 year old Cape Verdi investigator and we are working on bringing a member who can speak Portuguese. We are just praying that everything goes well and that our 2 Baptism dates stay firm! I am trying to strengthen my faith because my faith can have more power then I allow a lot of the time... ;)

I really appreciate all the examples of leaders to pull from as I train. I am excited to see the miracles that are to come in the Springfield Zone!!! :)

Ok! so, we had President Packard's Fireside about what the world knows because of Joseph Smith and it was incredible!!! We had so many Members that were strengthened and the Non members, there were 4 there! that were blown away! Kelly in particular! She was overcome throughout his presentation! We are hoping to meet with her soon. Here are the two Video's that he was inspired to have made and used in the fireside!

Then our investigator I told you about at the beginning is Rachel (with the baby). This was awesome for her to hear too! She is really trying to find what God wants her to do and what church is for her. We have to say that she was also excited to hear President Packard's Texas accent. ;) She is funny. Whatever works right? haha!

We also had a few other investigators that really wanted to come but had conflicting schedules but otherwise would have been there. We will let them know about the next one that will be in North Brookfield and hopefully they make it to that one!

We left early on Wed. with a member that was going our to Weston area for work. We left the apt. at 7:30 am.! and we waited for her to do an hour presentation at a high school as we did Studies in the car. :) Then she took us to lunch and then dropped us off at the Mission Office! We tagged along with the Vails to pick up the food for the meeting for the Trainers and Greenie's where we all get assigned BUT then the Vails got a call from Sister Packard saying that one of the Companionship's got lost in the Boston Commons and they just found them!!! So instead of having a separate meeting to find out who your Greenie is, he did it in the main meeting! Which never happens! But it was such a cool experience!!! Plus Sister Standerfer and I were the first to get announced!!! We hugged in excitement and sat next to each other. The Sisters next to her leaned over and asked how long I had been out and I said 14 months and there eyes got really big as they said in unison, "WOW" haha! I know I sound old but I swear I was a Greenie just last month!!! haha!

The weather is going Crazy! It feels like Fall already! and a few trees are starting to change! Poor Sister Standerfer is from Arizona and is not used to the cold! She is wearing scarfs and tights and turns on the heat in the car when she can.  I open my window a little so I'm not sweating with the oldies and can have a little cool air. haha! ^^ I love her so much! :) I am trying to enjoy not having to wear a jacket because I know that that will be my outfit for the rest of the winter! haha!

Transfer Meeting had so many people there and I even got to see Susan!!! The Lady from CVS when I was in the Weston 1st ward!!! She working on getting Baptized! Blow me over with a feather!!! I must have squeezed the pudding out of her after she tapped me on my shoulder!

She is incredible!

She has been on my mind for months! I need to get better at keeping in contact with people!!! haha!

There is a picture of Sister Roy and I with her friends.

Oh, man! so much going on!!!

Yes,  I would love to write a little note to the primary When do they need it by?

What address should I send it to?

Oh, President Packard has given us another Book of Mormon Challenge to start another new copy and mark all the tender mercies and blessings from God! in only 2 transfers! I will do it this time! Last time I got caught up with marking everything!!! haha! Oh, man! we will see! but you all can join me in the challenge too if you like :)

Love you a million exciting things to do!!!!


Sister Patterson

Monday, September 8, 2014

Email 9/8/14

So we got a call from President Packard early on Friday morning which means that something big is happening!!!!

First off he released both of us as Sister Training Leaders and told Sister Wheeler that she would be getting Transferred!!!!!! She is going to be in Cromwell, Connecticut and is Opening the area to Sisters!!! The Members have been begging for Sisters and now they will have them!!! so there will be them and Elders in the ward! plus the Elders are Elder Terry and Paiva!!! They are the Best!!!! I got to serve with them in the Weston 1st ward!

Ok now this will be the 5th Transfer that I will be in Amherst!!!! and.......

TRAINING A GREENE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD


I was prepared to train when I was at 6 months and also right before I was with Sister Wheeler but I was totally not expecting this!!!!
I am excited to meet her! She is still in the MTC as we speak!!! So crazy!!!

I will miss Sister Wheeler so much! We had a really fun trio going where Sister Wheeler was Kim Possible (the one that gets things done) and I was Ron ( the Comic relief) and Sasha was Wade (cuz she would always look things up for us on her phone) hahaha! We have far too much fun!!! ^^ We have also had the honor to see Sasha grow spiritually like you would not believe!!!

I am excited and nervous to train! I will be honest I wasn't expecting it! and it is weird to not know who she is until Wed.!!!
I have told the ward that I'm not going to be her trainer but the ward and myself will train her together! ;)

Oh, my goodness!!!! I only have 4 months or 3 Transfers or 18 weeks left however which way you want to look at it!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO it goes too fast!!!!!

I am really happy to still be in the Amherst because I just love this ward so much! We just got a new Ward Mission leader! We are going miss Bro.Wilson but he got a call to be in the Stake and he is going to do awesome! He has done so much for us. :) The New one called is one of the new YSA. He recently got off of his mission and has lots of really good ideas and is jumping right into the work!!! He is wicked amazing!!! Oh and we had a ward mission council and the Young's (the new Ward Missionaries) are a young couple that are super excited about there calling and said that they want to go and meet one family a week to share a little message and get to know more of the ward then let them know who they are and that the ward can come to them for help too! ......I I take that back.. I DID cry, as I expressed how much I loved them and their Consecration!!! I love where this ward is headed!

Funny note Sister Benjamin (the first ward missionary) was in the meeting and as we announced the new ward missionaries she suddenly got a shocked look on her face and started saying, "Wait,wait...WAIT WHAT???" Sister Benjamin don't worry there can be more then one ward missionary in the ward! "OOOOHHHH! thank you! I thought my job was at jeopardy! " haha! She loves her calling so much. Don't even think of taking it from her! :) I love her so much!!!

So much happened this week! I recorded some but I forgot the recorder.
:( Next week!

I love you a million things going through my mind about how not to mess up training a Greene! Pray for me...and her!

I will pray for you all as well! Stay safe!!!

Love Sister Patterson!!!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Email 9/1/14

That would be funny if someone was born today...get it...Labor day!!! hahaha!
Oh, dear! "mean while back on the ranch".

Well, I have a new way of Communication today!...

I got a Voice Recorder!!!! so instead of always having to have an awkward video of me half asleep and all gross looking I can just have my voice :) not that I won't take video's just that in those times when you don't need Video I will use this! Let me know if it works!

I will tell you about our Exchange with North Brookfield. Sister Bently (she came with me again but this time in our area) and Sister Layton (in NB with Sister Wheeler).
We had a really nice exchange and we all learned a lot and they are really working on getting more of the NB Branch excited about those they are teaching and they are getting used to how much slower the pace is compared to areas they have served in before. It has been hard but they work amazingly together and have a lot of really good ideas and plans.

Sister Layton and Sister Wheeler had an amazing experience with a lady that I taught when I was in NB named Mary Jane who we were really excited about but as we taught her we saw that she was going to need some that time the member (Sister Fernandez) lost contact with her and didn't know where she was!!! but I guess a miracle happened and they got back in contact! They had an amazing lesson with Mary Jane and Sister Fernandez taught basically the whole lesson and bore strong testimony to her! She is soooo ready and I think this was the time she needed and now just hearing the things she said, such as, "I love reading the Book of Mormon and I know that it is true!' and " So Sisters, when should we set up a time to have another lesson?"...I know that she will be Baptized!!!! I am so happy!!! I need to tell Sister Bingham all this as well!!! :)

Sister Bently and myself had a crazy awesome day as well! We had one lesson in the morning then two latter that day and nothing but stop by's in the middle with a member! I felt so bad that our day wasn't more well planned but I think the Lord needed it that way. We ended up going by an older lady that is the Mom of a less active. She is not a member that we have taught before but we keep missing her when we have tried in the past. Then we went by the daughter in-law of the same less active brother and we taught them the first lesson finally! It has been months since we first met them and they were open to having us over but we would always try to schedule something at a time when they would be gone somewhere or just about to leave!!! so now they are finally real investigators!!!!! It was such an amazing lesson and the daughter (12) was really excited about it and after the lesson she asked us what kind of things she should say in her prayers and what to expect!!! It was just so amazing!

I might get Transferred! I feel like I have been here so long but then Sister Wheeler keeps having dreams that she is packing so who knows what will happen??? Oh, yeah, God does... haha! ^^ Oh, dear don't mind me I'm a little silly sometimes. ;)

We get Transfer Texts this Friday!!!

Sister Wheeler and I have been working hard and doing well. I love the Lord and my Testimony is growing in new ways everyday! It feels good to know that even though I can't get physically taller...My Spirit doesn't have a height limit. ;)

On the next Episode of the "Amherst Sisters"

Will Sister Patterson Get Transferred?

Or will Sister Wheelers Dreams come to pass??

Will Someone be Baptized???

Love you all a Million butterfly's in my tummy!


Sister Patterson