Monday, June 9, 2014

Email 6/9/14

Us having our 11 Month Mark Ice cream Sandwich's! :) 
Do you see that 2 Ice cream sandwich's next to each other looks like 11! haha! 

We have the craziest week!

We have been doing our best to talk to everyone, but not only that, we've been building more meaningful relationships with those we see often around where we live and visit often :) ...In fact, just a second ago I said hi to a lady that goes to the knitting club that they have here where we come to write letters. She came back and asked if I knew her.  I said,  "No we are just Missionaries and love to say hi to people".  She was very sweet and just like I was saying, now that we know that she goes to the knitting club we can start to build a relationship. :) 

We got a New Investigator from just opening our mouths! There is a little family that lives in the building right across from us. We met when we starting to jog around our parking lot and the husband was helping his wife leave to work with their little baby. Thank goodness for babies! They are the best ice breakers ever! ;) I commented on their baby and that was the starter! We asked if we could visit their family sometime and get to know them better and they were all for it! 

It turns out the husband was more interested in meeting with us then his wife.  She actually had a bunch of Mormon friends and they even sang at their wedding!!! They came here wanting to have a little church to go to but after a while they just decided on a little Baptist church. Her husband said that the reason she wasn't as open is because her friend tried to share the gospel with her and it got a little contentious so they decided to let it be and not talk about religion and have peace in their relationship. She also doesn't want someone to be her friend just to convert her.  We told him that that's sometimes hard for members because when we love our friends we naturally want to share the gospel with them. He understood and said that he would try to help his wife understand but for now it would just be him we would meet with. 

We brought a couple we us, the Starlipers, that are similar age to our him and his wife. Bro.Starliper and him hit it off perfectly! They were like two peas in a pot! He even asked for Bro. Starlipers Number! Then they got on the subject of Family History and then they really got into it! Flailing their arms in excitement! Who knew that Family History could make two grown men sound like two teenage girls. haha! It was a sight to see. :)

Something that was also exciting was just how receptive he was.  He kept saying things like, "I hope you don't mind me being so blunt and open" ..."I don't know why I'm being so open but..." He went on to tell us all about his questions and desires.  He told us how his prayers were going and how he didn't know how to discern if he was getting real answers. We told him that we would meet with him again to talk about all those things and that we were excited because we had so much to share! :) We are hoping to meet with him again tomorrow!

The Spirit makes people open up so much it's crazy! I love it :)

And that was just one part of the morning on Tuesday! that's just the beginning!!!

We are both mentally exhausted! but hanging in there! haha! :)

I have been having a hard time with my personal studies and having them be effective. I have a few things in mind but I feel like I have ADD!!! I hate it but I think I have so many things I want to do and so little time and I end up wasting it!!! Sometimes I find myself staring out the window or at the wall and then jumping out of my daze. Like I said I feel mentally dead sometimes! We have a lot to remember and do and I want to be better and am setting some goals and will report how they go next week. :) 

We had an amazing meal yesterday at a Sister's house! She is from the Dominican Republic or DR and she made the best and most healthy food I have ever had!!! It has inspired me to be a better cook and to eat healthy! The Pang's (say it like Pong) were there too! They are a little Japanese couple and they have the cutest little kids! OH MY GOODNESS!!! ^^

I think I could have kept eating forever! It was so healthy that I was waiting for the food to hit my stomach...but nothing! I have to be careful now because I could have eaten myself to death it was so good!  Bro. Pang was so excited. He is a food science major and told us all the cool facts about food. 

Love you all a million servings of amazing DR food!

Love ya!

Sister Patterson:)

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