Monday, June 30, 2014

Email 6/30/14

Me and Sister Wheeler 

The members were so loving to me for my Birthday! :)
It was weird to think about me so much...don't try it at home kids! Symptoms are:
Swelling of the head
Less amount of self control (Specifically with sweets)
Day dreaming about yourself doing something awesome
Thinking far to much about ones self ;)
and...possible death...haha!

We have such a cool Investigator right now! He is the one we met while running in our parking lot in the mornings. We had given him some homework to do such as reading the Restoration & the Plan of Salvation pamphlets, 2 Nephi 2 plus the Pattern of Light video's by Elder Bednar and the Proclamation to the Family.  He told us he could handle it and he was leaving on a trip for about a week.
So that would give him enough time right... We get an email from him that said, "Hi Sisters! I read the Pamphlets and I took notes and wrote some questions that you can check out...but don't be alarmed these are basically my thoughts on paper."
...He sent us 15 pages on the Restoration pamphlet and another 15 for the Plan of Salvation...! Even though we would love to dive into every question he has, we know that as we address the top concerns and continue teaching the basics, he will grow to understand.
He is going to U-Mass for a degree in Music so he's pretty smart and logical but gets the whole Music thing and how it makes you feel and how it affects you.
We are helping him understand and recognize the Spirit and he is so close he can almost feel it!...haha! Punny!  He is super fun to teach and I start feeling the Spirit like an hour before the appt. ^^

We took our car last Monday to get some body work done and we are still without a car... We are hoping to get it back this Thursday....Cross your fingers!
It really hasn't been to bad. We are better located now that we moved and we have lots of buses thankfully. :) The members have been super awesome too with giving us rides. :)

I am really seeing the blessings of not having a car though like:
Meeting people that we never would have met other wise
Getting to ride on the fun bus with nice and crazy people ;)
Getting way buff!
The list goes on and on...haha! ^^

But really, we met this guy that was waiting for the bus too and we started talking to him and we asked him if he was religious and he said, "Yes! I am Christian"...We both could have hugged him right there right then!!! The things we hear allllllllll the time are, "I'm all set","I'm Catholic", "I'm Atheist","I'm Spiritual", "I've never really thought about it before".
Anyways, we were happy and we got his number. Then he saw the bus coming but I think because we weren't standing close enough to the bus stop sign and we just watched it zoom by......Oh, my goodness we are so sorry!!! He was really kind about it...thank goodness...haha! We walked home and it was long but so worth it!!!! I've been able to sleep so good with all the walking and contacting! You all should try contacting at least one person this week and tell me your story's next week! I challenge you!

Our District made a goal to find 8 new investigators by the 4th of July (2 per companionship) and so far the district is at 5!!! We are so close!!! :)

Oh, I got to contact this lady that looked like she was from Anne of Green Gables! She was so sweet and showed us her garden! We got her number and we hope to visit her soon! :)

Ahhh! Blessings are coming out of the woodwork!

I love you all a million new investigators!!!

P.S. I lost my tag today and it is the worst feeling ever!!! I have a spare one but I can order a new one! :) and who knows maybe the Lord needs my tag to help someone want to learn more about the church? :)
Well, love you lots of hot and humid days like today. :)

Oh and we played softball with Sasha and Sister Belle and a friend from school and we are pooped but we had fun! :)

Wow,  I think I have tried to end this letter 5 times now... now it's for real... Love ya'll

Sister Patterson AKA "Always the baby of the family no matter what"!!!!  Wow,  I'm glad that's not a real name! That would get tiring to say all the time! WOW! I am a really hyper typer..that rhymed haha!
Until next week!^^

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