Monday, June 16, 2014

Email 6/16/14

 Us with the Isham's for Dinner on Sunday :) They are super awesome!!! :)Ok So!!! ..... 

Sister Scott is getting Transferred to Cambridge!!!!!!

I am Staying in Amherst!!!

My New Companion is going to be Sister Wheeler!!!!!

AND.......We are now the New Sister Training Leaders!!!!!!


President Packard said that I had the ability to love people and that the Lord needed that.
How sweet is that right?! :)
I hope that I can live up to that!!

I have been going through a range of emotions with all that is happening! :)
I am sooooooo sad to loose Sister Scott but something cool that happened a few days before Transfer texts. We decided to use the bus to save miles and I just saw Sister Scott get this new gleam in her eye and her Boston roots/in-stinks kicked in! She was talking to everyone! I had a feeling that if she were to be transferred it would be back to the city. We even talked about how Cambridge would be cool! haha!
I had also been feeling like I was going to be doing something different...but that different I was sure was going to be Training turned out to be a Sister Training leader! I think my heart is on a roller coaster! ;) I am so excited and honored to have this opportunity. I am also excited to be Companions with Sister Wheeler! I have admired her from a far for quite a while :) I feel like I will learn a lot from her :) She has really cute Bangs...Like me;) haha!
and she is an Awesome Photographer! but those are just little things.  I have heard that she is an awesome Missionary and is really Diligent and Obedient! :)

We are working on moving as well from Sunderland to our new apartment in Amherst! It's kind of funny because there are a ton of families moving right now as well so a lot of things are changing. haha!

Just know that I will do all I can to live up to this new call to be a Sister Training leader and I hope I can make you all proud. :)

I don't have a ton of time to write.

We are going to a Zone Preparation Day to a park and are going to play ultimate Frisbee for the last time with this group of Missionaries! :'(
Who knows we may serve together again!? ;) Elder Fish was my District leader in Weston and then he came over here and is my District leader again! :)

I Loved all the Pictures of the Wedding and Grandma's Birthday!!!
It looks like a ton of fun! :D
I love the T-Shirts!!! I want one! ;)
I enjoyed all your letters and am glad to hear your all still alive ;)

Love you a million things to do!!! haha!

Sister Patterson :)

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