Monday, June 23, 2014

Email 6/23/12

 Us with Ocen a member that we visit :) 

Us with Barbara 

Then us with the Pangs :)

This week has been Crazy! We are all moved into our new apt.!!! It is super nice and I just want to decorate it as if it was my own house...haha! someday! ;) but for now I deal with a desk that is 50,000 years old that has elders names scratched into it...oh dear! haha!

Well, a funny thing I realized..... remember I said I thought that Sister Scott was like Erin?... well Sister Wheeler is like Jessie Kate!... soooooo weird!!! haha!

Sister Wheeler is Awesome! She is really organized and excited about the work! We just barely taught our first lesson together yesterday because we have been overwhelmed with all the moving craziness!!! haha!

We are starting to get used to the changes :)

Oh, and our Car is going in the Shop today for who knows how long...sooooooo we are going to be taking the bus and having members help us a lot more until we get it back!!!!! I going nuts but I know that the Lord will help us through it!

I love you a Million things happening at once!!!

Love Sarah! aka (Sister Patterson)


Well I'm back again!!!

*Few* this new library is too busy and stressful! I can't handle it!! XP

Ahhh! sorry I am super spastic right now because I have like 20 million things going through my head plus there is a really nice girl next to me that I really want to talk to but waiting for the right moment!....suspense!!!

...Ok I just talked to her and she was really nice! It turns out that she is a Jehovah's Witness..aww man! but hopefully we will see her around more often now that we are close by. :)
I thanked her for her sweet smile :)

I have been really struggling emotionally with feeling like I am inconveniencing people when they have too wait for me to do something or that I am irritating and slow which in turn makes me more slow! I know that Satan is trying to get me but I will do my best to fight back and forget myself! That will help a lot but pray that I can have a sharp mind because I feel like my brain is really slowing down. Gold fish brain!!!

AHHHHHH! and I'm turning 20!!!!! I think my brain is going to explode! I'm getting older and older!!! It doesn't stop! haha! ^^

Love you all!!! :)

Love Sister Patterson :)

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