Monday, May 26, 2014

Email 5/26/14

Elder Holland was so Awesome!!!!! and all of my wildest dreams have come true!
I got to shake his hand and he looked into my soul!!!

I got to Hug Sister Holland! (plus she kissed my cheek!!!)

I also got to Shake hands with and hear from Elder Hallstrom from the Quorum of the 70!

He answered all the Questions Sister Scott and I had!!!

The one thing that he said that he still simply doesn't understand and consistently gets him upset is when he sees a Missionary serve a good and faithful Mission then come's home and falls away from the church...!!! "It blows my mind! and makes me go to pieces with endless nights of questions of "How's, Why's?"
He told us to Never fall away from the Gospel! and to think about how heart broken we are when we hear that someone we taught falls away but to turn that around and think of how shocking and distraught the investigators are when down the road they see that the very Missionary that taught them has fallen away...silence...oh man, was there some chills and realizations going on in that moment! and if we are not truly converted then work on you're Conversion! That's why the Preach My Gospel was Born! to Convert the Missionary so intern you have more people that are Truly Converted because the Missionary is.

Oh, yeah there was some eyebrows singed right then! *Few*

He slammed his fist on the pulpit and every time I thought of you Mom! ;)

He's the best pulpit pounder on this side of the Mississippi that's for sure! ;)

He told us that we Have the Best Mission President he has ever known along with a blessed area and he told us that he felt something special when he walked into the chapel with all of us in there!

Sadly we didn't get a Picture with him because he had to leave soon after but it will be imprinted in my mind forever. :)

Sister Scott and I feel so edified and renewed with the Visit From Elder Holland! Our Questions were answered and we have a new fire for talking to people! We challenged ourselves to give out more cards and not just give up at and say "I'm all Set". The Springfield Elders and us stopped at a Wendy's and gave out 4 cards! :)
We even got 3 new investigators just yesterday evening! They are a Mom and her 2 kids, a Girl (12) and a Boy (9). They are living with a family member that is less active and we finally got in their home, formally asked if we could teach them the lessons and...... They said yes!!!
We gave them 2 Book of Mormons and the kids immediately had their noses in them flipping to random pages and reading! Their Dad is in the hospital right now and has some major health problems. As we talked about the atonement and how their family can be together forever they all smiled and we could tell that that is what they want more then anything. We have been truly blessed to have had our appt. cancel that we were going to go to yesterday and another that we had for tomorrow along with it. Sister Scott and I felt like we needed to do something but not really sure what... then she had the feeling like we should go stop by that family instead. When we got there and saw they were home we got really excited! They told us that they had just got back from the hospital in Boston only a half hour before we came.

The Lord works in obvious ways I tell ya! ;) Haha!

Our area is prospering and growing as well as My and Sister Scott's Friendship! :)

Love you all a Million Singed Eyebrows! haha! and I promise this Day that I will FOREVER BE A SERVANT OF THE LORD! :)


Sister Patterson

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