Monday, November 17, 2014

Email 11/17/14

We feel the excitement of the Mission and the Blessings that have been pouring out upon everyone! We are at 39 Baptisms that have happened and 100 to go.

I have seen so many things happen here in Amherst that are amazing but at the same time the adversary is trying to hit us too!

Some of the amazing things that happened was that we Got to see Melany the 17 year old girl. We saw her on Saturday. When we went to the answer and as we were walking out the front of the apt. we hear a little voice say, "Hey, come up here!" We turn around and see Melany's head poking out of the stairwell landing window one floor higher. We went up and she looked really solemn. We asked her what was wrong and she put her hands in her face and started to cry! We hugged her and told her that we loved her and told her that she is a beautiful daughter of God! We continued to console her as best we could. We just sat at times and let her cry out her tears. We shared a scripture about the Atonement and how Christ knows how she feels. A look in her eyes sparked and I could tell that was what she needed to hear. Sister Standerfer paused then asked..."Do you want a blessing? She looked up and said, "Yes!" do you even know what that is?" Melany, "No but you said blessings and I need that!" We smiled and told her a little about what they are and she really liked the idea even more!. We sang her some hymns that we could tell calmed her spirit and then she told us, "You guys always come at the right time! Just before you got here I was praying that you both would come so I could see you. Every time you guys are there when I start to feel sad...Thank you!" We were relieved because we didn't want to seem annoying :) We just always think about her and want to make sure she is safe and happy. Anyways, the sweet part is that we were able to get her that blessing! She was waiting for us and we had our YSA Ward Mission Leader Jarron give her the blessing. It was sweet and the spirit was so strong.

Alex our other Investigator is not being allowed to be baptized this month and his parents want him to wait until his Mom gets back from Cape Verde...that is in March... we are so sad but we know that as we continue to make efforts to get to know the parents better that things will turn out the way the Lord needs them to.

A special moment that we had with him just last night was that we talked about the Plan of Salvation again and we had him tell us what he remembered and he did awesome! We told him that we should give him a name tag and he should teach our investigators! He just smiled and looked all shy but at the same time proud of himself! ^^ He is so cute! We really want to take him out with us to teach! and we will soon! ;) but anyways we got talking about the after life and started talking about the Temple! We talked about how we can do baptisms for our ancestors in their place so that they can have the same opportunity that he is having right now to prepare for baptism. He thought that that was really cool and that he liked how God was so good to make it so that people can have a 2nd chance to hear and accept the Gospel! and that it made sense! That's because it totally does Brother and Sisters! The Lord is kind and wants us to have every opportunity to live with him again! Alex said that he was excited that he could do that for his deceased family members and for the first time in forever I got to teach someone to the point that I can teach about Temples and see the light go on in there eyes in excitement! Thank you! I feel like I am always wanting to teach about the Temple and help people see that there is more here then just for you! This is the Lords work that is needing to be done for those who have had to wait far to long for the blessings of baptism and other sacred promises!!! I could see that he was a little sad after he realized that he had to be baptized before going to the Temple and that he would have to wait until March but I feel like he is going to get stronger and stronger as time goes on! :)

Random Fact! Tuesdays are the worst to schedule!!! Really though!! They are always a struggle!!! This week we tried super hard to make it really full and it was looking really good when suddenly everything but 2 appointments fell through! Oh, man! We will get there! but there are always those days that are rough.

Pictures of us in Pittsfield for District meeting with the first snow!!!

Oh, man,  Sister Standerfer made me laugh so hard today!!! We have been emotionally drained the past few days and that it made me think of the time when Mom and Dad were building the house and the basement flooded and the kids ran in with their swimsuits saying it's a swimming pool! There was a choice to be made! and that was to cry or laugh...I have chosen to laugh! Sister Standerfer thought I was crazy or something. haha! Oh dear! but she is really funny so the tiredness just made it even more so.! haha! ^^ Please pray for our investigators! They need it!

Love you all a Million snow flakes! (it is raining right now and Sister Standerfer is upset because if it is cold it should be snowing so there is a reason for it to be cold! haha!)


Sister Patterson

By the Way Baby Ray is stinkin' CUTE!!!!! I love her!!! I can't believe she is already 1 month!!! :D

Monday, November 10, 2014

Email 11/10/14

The weather has been cold but no snow yet! Sister Standerfer just wants it to snow so that there is a reason for it to be cold...haha! Yeah, I'm fine! I will say that the snow is pretty but the ice is what I hate!!! and when it snows it is a ton warmer because it acts like insolation but I remember those days when there was no snow and it felt like the cold was stabing me and I couldn't feel my limbs...yeah, Io don't care for it too much. I would like it if we could stay inside on those days but you know how Mission life is...haha! No, no, I will say we are very blessed to have a car and warm clothing because not everyone has that. We are fine and "We will survive!" ;)

We have a Month to remember here in the MBM! We had the Zone Conference with Elder Lawrence as I told you before and we are on the road to reaching the goal of 70 baptisms this month! But not only that, but we are going to exceed that if we all keep up working hard and staying faithful! We have been getting almost daily updates of Baptism dates that are being set for Nov.! We started at 95 Dates! Now we are at roughly 120!!! and we have already had 15 baptized! We have one of those Dates and that is for Adrien! We are feeling excited for this goal and are trying to do all we can so that he will be ready for Nov. 22nd

We had interviews this week and I was not as prepared as I would have liked to have been because President doesn't do the interviewing...we interview him! All he says is "How are you my friend?" ...*Cue the tears!  Oh, dear... it was even before that though!!! I walked in the room and he asked me to say the prayer...I felt the Spirit so strongly and as I started to say it, the water works started! I then sat in the chair and had a good talk. I was a little all over the place and I feel a little bad about that but I know that he cares and wants to help. I had been thinking about the sacrifice that I told you about last week and I knew that there was more that I needed to give! I asked him straight out, "President, from your perspective... What do I need?"

He then said with out hesitation, "Courage...and Faith...not Faith in Jesus Christ, you have that but Faith that the Lord can work through you to create Miracles." As he said the word Faith...I gasped through my tears realizing that he saw the same thing I did and as he said it I felt the relief that now I need to let go of my fear and allow the Lord to set me free. "President said in his Texas accent, "I feel like you are at the edge but won't jump! I want to kick you off so you can fly!!!" He was all excited which got me excited and I really want to End my Mission Sprinting to the END!!!! /BEGINNING! ;)

This is the Scripture that President gave me to read which didn't help the water works by the way! haha!

1 Nephi 17:49-51

49 And it came to pass that I, Nephi, said unto them that they should murmur no more against their father; neither should they withhold their labor from me, for God had commanded me that I should build a ship.

50 And I said unto them: If God had commanded me to do all things I could do them. If he should command me that I should say unto this water, be thou earth, it should be earth; and if I should say it, it would be done.

51 And now, if the Lord has such great power, and has wrought so many miracles among the children of men, how is it that he cannot instruct me, that I should build a ship?

So... after that experience you would probably guess that the topic of Faith to allow the Lord to use me to create Miracles would be weighing on my mind. We had a wonderful experience the other day when Sister Standerfer and I contacted this Lady that was smoking on the street and as soon as we introduced ourselves, she mentioned that she was Muslim.  I paused, (I have been working on not speaking so much and letting Sister Standerfer take the lead more often) then Sister Standerfer said how cool that was that she was Muslim and continued to asked further about what she believed. We were blown away at this Womans Spirit and how much of what she believed was what we believed. As I was listening I thought to myself "Boy, wouldn't she be an awesome Mormon!" We praised her for her wonderful beliefs and spiritual strength and insight then asked if we could talk to her again! She said of course and gave us her number!!! plus she is friends/neighbors with a less active in the ward! We don't know how long or what will come out of this interaction teaching wise but all I know is that first off how proud I am of Sister Standerfer for not getting discouraged from the first reaction people give and pushing through to get them to tell us why they believe what they do.  After we got in the car, Sister Standerfer got a whole new view of Contacting and wants to make sure we do it everyday now!!!! Second, I feel so honored that I could meet this Woman and feel of her power and strength and be able to try and apply it to myself. I love the way the Lord works!

I got to go to the Baptism of Susan Moore and it was incredible!!! First I was admittedly jealous that I didn't get to teach her more but I soon slapped myself for thinking that because Susan is the most amazing person and she needed to impact more people then me. I have the feeling that she is going to bring many people to the church and fellowship those who need to be loved.

 Sister Roy and I at Susan's Baptism!

I was thinking about it and when the Lord says in:

D&C 18:15-16

15 And if it so be that you should labor all your days in crying repentance unto this people, and bring, save it be one soul unto me, how great shall be your joy with him in the kingdom of my Father!

(One soul being you personally as well)

16 And now, if your joy will be great with one soul that you have brought unto me into the kingdom of my Father, how great will be your joy if you should bring many souls unto me!

(BUT it is impossible after converting one soul to not convert more because as soon as you convert one then that person will touch others. It's the ripple affect! plus there are the people that are effected by your mere existence!)

So, that means no matter what... we will have a portion of happiness. :) I love how the Lord works. :)

It's a win, win!!

I Love you all and Am excited to Sprint to the end!!! and I only have 10 weeks to do it!!!! Pray for me that I WON'T HOLD ANYTHING BACK!!!!

I love you a million Baptism dates in the MBM!!!


Sister Patterson! :D

Me with Sweet Baby Ray...get it! haha! I couldn't resist! ;)
I am excited to meet her! :D

Monday, November 3, 2014

Email 11/3/14

Sister Standerfer and myself had an amazing experience at the Zone Conference! We were utterly inspired! We were Trained by Elder and Sister Lawrence (one of the 70) who came to our Mission!!! They Trained us on how we are at a momentous time in our day and Mission! How we are helping to gather the tribes of Israel and boy do I understand that a lot better then I used to! Sister Lawrence talked all about it and I can't tell it all over email the same as she gave it but I will tell you what...WOW! and of course President and Sister Packard talked to us as well! They trained us on how our Mission is at a very special point! Our Missionaries are becoming more Consecrated then ever and the month of November is looking to be a month in the Mission to Remember! We are in the 100's for Baptism Dates just for Nov. and Elder Holland talked to President Packard and said that amazing things are going to happen along with somethings that were very sacred.  I won't write about them now but know that great things are in store and we are the ones who, if we cleanse our inner vessel (our hearts) and pick something to give to the Lord as a Sacrifice for something greater then the heavens will be opened and the angels from heaven would be round about us and that we would have chariots of fire fighting for our cause!

There is so much that I felt like I wanted to give up to the Lord and sacrifice but know that I needed to Fast and Pray about it.

We had great hopes for our Baptismal dates in our area, Adrien and Alex.

Alex we told about at the Zone Conference was wanting to be baptized on the 29th which would be right before his Mom leaves to go back to Cape Verde. We told him that Satan doesn't want him to be Baptized and would do anything to make that happen! We said that because you have such a huge and Powerful Spirit that Satan is Scared of you so of course he is going to try to stop you! He started to look really confident and excited about being baptized! but then after he talked to his parents but they want him to wait until his Mom gets back which won't be until March!!!!!!

We are going to try everything in our power but I know that sometimes things will happen certain ways for a purpose. Considering we want the Missionaries teach his Mom in Cape Verde as well. We will see what happens and let you know.

I feel like I really need more faith with things! I think that through my mission I have seen so many Miracles that the words "How could I doubt?" come to mind but I have also had moments where something I never would have doubted would turn out bad suddenly or have a bad twist and turnout. I understand that somethings are just going to have a different timing but can be discouraging! I am in a funky mood and I know that Satan is just trying to keep me in a complacent state and THAT IS NOT EXCEPTABLE!!!! I want to become more and I have been getting too comfortable!

One of my dreams has been to be apart of one of the stories that President Packard would want to share in one of his talks. ^^ All of the stories that he tells us have always helped me do some crazy things and meet some funny people that I wouldn't have met otherwise. ;) I want fun things to tell my future generation :)  and you can only have those if you have courage, Joy and faith.

I constantly think of the Story President Packard told of 2 Elders that were sprinting from one appointment to another on the sidewalk and a lady wanted to know why they were running? "Because we are sharing the Gospel!" they said. That intrigued her and made her want to know more! I want that!

I have thought about what I want to put on the Alter and I have been racking my brain trying to choose the thing that God needs me to give up but I feel like there are just a lot of little things and I am not sure how to word it. I did get one thing specifically which wasn't what I was expecting.

It was to not let any negative communications leave my mouth about anyone.

I have tried to be kind in all I do and say in my life but I feel like there are things that I have said in casual conversation that as Elder Uchtdorf said in his talk to simply, "Stop it!" I know that it will help me in my next step of consecration and in being more forgiving of people. Hopefully this will also help me in my self forgiveness.

I still struggle with getting anxiety about people thinking I have different intentions or like I am irritating or inconvenient. I hate feeling that way because I love other people so much and would never want them to feel that way or that I think that I think that of them. I just want to be helpful but then sometimes I feel bossy and then get down because I wouldn't want someone telling me what to do either! I need to learn how to say things better and simplify more! I want to help people but I feel like my spirit has better words then I know in the English language!!! and though the Mission I feel like it has just gotten worse! Because my thought and comprehension has gotten bigger the smaller my vocab has become.

Well, I am just excited for what after this life will be like when I won't have to get frustrated with people asking, "I don't get what you are saying" and I can just teleport my thoughts to them and them to me!

Oh, dear! Sorry you have to read through my ranting but I appreciate your patience and Love. I feel totally un-judged from you but also a desire for me to better myself as well! It is the best thing you could do for me!

We had a good experience with a Media referral that we got! Her name was Nina. We had tried to stop by her place but no one was home and so we left a note on her door.

The next day or so we tried calling her and left a message. We suddenly get this really nice text saying, "Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving the note and for your voice message! I would love to meet with you!" us......AHHHHHHH!!!!! We were so excited! We set up a time and place to meet and brought Sister Young from our ward. She was the perfect person to bring, let me tell ya! Nina texted us what she was wearing so we could identify her and we just told her that we would be in dresses, have black name tags and basically stick out like a sour thumb...haha! ^^ She thought that was funny. ;)

We met her and talked for about 2 hours! s
She had so many questions! They were really good questions! And Sister Young answered them like a Pro! She was so calm, loving and truthful in her comments that I felt was really impressive to Nina! She liked so much of what we shared with her and is a very spiritual individual. We gave her the Book of Mormon she requested and some Pamphlets. She texted us just recently saying that she read and also read a little of the Book of Mormon and that she liked them! We are hoping to meet with her again soon! :)

We feel like a lot of things that she asked were about things that people thought we didn't or did believe. We feel so good that at least we were able to give her a positive experience and seeds of truth were planted. :)

I Love you all a Million things to consecrate to the Lord!


Sister Patterson :)