Monday, July 28, 2014

Email 7/28/14

 Me in front of the road sign was for the my Seminary Teachers the Glaziers. 

Oh, my, Goodness! We just got 2 new investigators last night.

We went to talk to a inactive ladies Son and he is into Heavy Metal, smokes and makes creepy masks out of wire!...then he said that he wanted us to meet his girlfriend as well! She is Jewish but not involved with her Orthodox family and has some health problems.

We had a member that had briefly met the son and she looked at us like..."I doubt he would be interested to listening to you" But! quite the contrary! They are soooo prepared!!! The spirit was there and the girlfriend stopped us at one point and said, "Sorry to interrupt but I have a question... Do you feel like you are happy? Do you feel like you have peace?" We both looked her in the eyes and with big smiles said simply, "Yes!" She started to tear up and was just fascinated about everything we were sharing! He had a bit more background and knowledge of Christ and really liked what we had to share. We knelt at the end and the Guy prayed. It was amazing!!!!

Never judge a book by it's cover. :)

I love the way the Lord works!

We have our last exchange tomorrow with the Greenfield Sisters! I am going to Greenfield! :D

I cant believe how fast time has flown! I have been out for almost 13 months!!!

Hopefully, I will be able to have a little more time to write a few more things later but if not I love you a Million crazy masks on the wall-staring at you while teaching the First Vision! ;) haha!


Sister Patterson

By the way the pictures are from our 2 hour trip to Road Island to see a baptism of a family that Sister Wheeler taught.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Email 7/21/14

Well you can at least see what I did today from some of the Pictures of our Zone P-Day! haha! I wanted to do the rope pull thing but they all thought it was to grose and took it down before I got to do sad! :(

Oh well, :) It was fun and now we are about to go meet a potential investigator at the Church.

Things are going well here. :) We got to teach Relief Society on Sunday on the Spirit and funny part about it was that we both totally forgot that we were doing it until the night before! ...AHHHHHHHHHH
We read it the night before then through it all together a few minutes before we were going to teach it!!! Boy does being a Missionary train you to think on your toes and be able to teach a lesson in a matter of minutes!! haha!   We said a mighty graditude prayer after that one because the spirit was so strong and everyone was commenting so well! Oh and you all know how I don't have a problem talking...haha! ^^

Transfers are coming up on the 30th but we both feel like we will stay together for at least another Transfer. But not even the angels know! haha!

AHHH! The library is closing in 10 minutes!!!

Love you all a million bugs flying in my ears!!!!

Sister Patterson!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Email 7/14/14

Sister Wheeler needed to finish a little scrapbook page that her and her friend send back and forth so I had some time to do something artsy!!! Wow! It was so nice to just draw again!!! haha! I drew this one of Sister Wheeler.

I am going on my 2nd ever exchange with some sisters in our Zone over in Oxford and I am so excited!!! I am starting to figure out how to be a Sister Training Leader. You do a lot of what you do for your Investigators but for the Sisters! I have started to build such a better connection and love for them. :) This is the best!!!

I might even be able to see my first area again North Brookfield!!! We will be exchanging with them next week. :)

I have felt an out pouring of love lately.

I have been really frustrated with how slowly my brain has been working and praying really hard that the Lord will help me and enhance my ability at least for the rest of my mission so that I can do the work more effectively.

Then suddenly I have been feeling the spirit more noticeably then ever!

Sister Wheeler gave a talk on the Atonement this passed Sunday and then as we were driving home and listening to the Messiah CD when I just felt so overwhelmed with the Spirit! Even the Sky was crying the spirit was so strong. ;') I am just so grateful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ that has Power over any Sin that we feel might be too much. Well... let me tell you the Lords grace is ALWAYS sufficient!

Life is hard,Yes! but that's the point!!! How else would we need to turn to the Savior?

If we did not know bad how would we know when we are happy?

If all living the Gospel could do is increase the quality of life, then why not?

Oh man, sorry for the rant but it is just the truth that everyone needs!!! They just need to stop thinking so stubbornly! and just let the Lord's restored truths in their lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Few! got that off my chest.

But really though, I can feel the prayers so much and am so grateful for all that you do and my prayers are with you all! I know that everything will work out the way the Lord needs it to.

I am feeling the excitement in our work! We are finding people left and right!

We even found a inactive that we didn't know about as we were walking to the library! He looked a little intimidating with tattoos and a cigarette but as we talked to him he was really nice and he mentioned that he grew up in the church! His parents went inactive when he was 9 years old! We invited him to come back to church and meet with us, his response was simply, "Yeah! why not!" YEEEEEESSSSSS!!!! I love people who have been so prepared!!!! We are meeting him tomorrow!

This happened right before we went to get our car back and if we would have had our car this passed 2 and 1/2 weeks so many things would have been missed!
When we talked to the car guy he was so sorry for taking so long. Every part that they ordered was just too small or just too big! He apologized because it shouldn't have taken that long. but we thanked him because we had been having so many miracles happen to us and things that would not have happened if we had had our car. We think he was in shock and confusion... ok... haha! That's probably the first time that someone thanked him for taking to long with a car. haha! I love doing things that are out of the ordinary. For instance, "Being nice when most people wouldn't be".  :)

My mind has been on the law of Consecration lately and I have never desired to live it more then now in my life! That is all I want and am going to strive to have a family that has an eye single to the Glory of God at all times and in all things and in all places! Life is better when turned over to the Lord and I will accept nothing less!

I love you all a Million Spiritual experiences!!!


Sister Patterson

P.S. That is sooo cool to hear about Bob and Debbie going on a Mission to Nauvoo! Tell them I say Congratulations!!!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Email 7/7/14


We had our 4th of July celebration on the 5th because of a hurricane rain and wind that came on the 4th.

We have been doing a Mission Prep. Class and the Girls that have been coming out with us are so awesome!!! for 2 of them it was their first time going out with the Missionaries! and the other- she has her Mission call and guess how long she"s been a member??? ...ok, I'll tell you! ...10 months!!!! She is so cool!

but with one of them we got 2 new Investigators!!!!!!!!!! Oh, my Goodness!!!! It was the coolest thing ever and she said that she had just started her Mission papers!!! So cool!

We have been seeing so many Miracles happening and we are meeting so many people that are ready to hear the gospel!

Even today!!!! We were going to the Bus and we talked to a guy waiting for the bus too and we gave him a Book of Mormon and our card AND we got his number!!! Then Sister Wheeler was getting her hair cut and I was talking to the other girl working there and had an awesome conversation with her and got her info too!!!

Oh, Then.....I accidentally made us get off the bus too soon because I was worried that we were on the wrong one!...WRONG! We checked the map after we got off and it just loops around....Oh, man! I made us have to walk like 200,000,000 miles in the hot and humid sun... uphill...I felt so bad!!! but Sister Wheeler said, "Don't whine.. we are just Fine!" We are just getting that exercise that we have been needing!

But there was another bus that we saw that goes straight to the library and we started running! with no avail.. We missed it but as we walked up the million mile hill Sister Wheeler was determined to make the walk worth it so we talked to 3 people. You know the Lord needs us wherever you are so take advantage of the moment! :) There are no coincidence's :) We are Commanded to make Zion wherever we are. :)

Being a Sister Training leader has been cool! I got to go to MLC (Missionary Leadership Council) where President talks to us about what he needs the Mission to be trained on. At the beginning, we report the numbers of what has been happening in the Zone and our goals for the next month.

We gave the Zone Meeting Training with the Zone Leaders on Sat. and that was fun! We had a lot of new and exciting things we got to tell the other missionaries. 1st there is a letter from the First Presidency about how we are in charge of the new member lessons to make sure they get done instead of the ward. We still have the members do them/us with them but we just make sure they happen.

Also now instead of just teaching 4 lessons before Baptism, now it is required they have all 5 lessons from the PMG so that they can be more ready to go to the temple at least 30 days after baptism! plus he said that people that go to the Temple close after Baptism are more likely to stay strong in the gospel!!! The work is hastening!!!

The Mission has 95 Baptism dates for the month of July and of course not every date follows through so it ends up being an average of 35-45 that actually happen. President Packard is not a man that believes in numbers. He believes in names but said that he feels strongly that we should set a mission goal! that being 70! He said that it is going to take a miracle but that he knows through revelation, if we pray and put our minds to it, it can happen!!! Pray that we can do it!!! :D

We also made Pizza as a Zone afterwords! Zion ;

We are doing our First Exchange with the Gardner Sisters tonight through Tue. night. :) and hopefully we will get the car back either tomorrow or Wed.!!!

Well, I love you all a Million people that are soooooo ready for the Gospel! :D


Sister Patterson

Oh, and Miracle happened as we were waiting for a bus...We saw that we had missed a call from a member and as I listened to it my eyes grew in shock! Background... we had an investigator that is 76 years old and has really bad health when one day he was in the hospital and we thought he was going to be coming back home when we lost all connection and we had no clue how to find him... This is where the member comes in! Now she works at an old folks home to plan activities but she had talked to an old man and said that he was looking for us and wanted us to come visit him. It was him...AHHHHHH! We found him!!!