Monday, March 3, 2014

Email 3/3/14

Us with another Mini Missionary :) Sister Morey! :)

We have had 2 Mini Missionaries that have started with us 
these past 2 weekends ! so fun! ^^

Here are some pretty sunny days we've had. :)

Something I want to say right off is that Zone Conference was just what Sister Slater and I needed! We wanted to talk to president but it was getting late and then we were sad because we had some things we wanted to talk to him about.

We, in Presidents words, "Have far more then we can say grace over!" ^^ We are overflowing with people, we are tightening our belts and getting to work scrambling and organizing ourselves more then ever before! We know that things are the way they are right now for a reason and that there is only so much that the Elders can do as they are doing their best with all of their responsibilities as well.

Sister Slater and I had a really amazing heart to heart and we both love how aligned our goals are which makes things easier to get down to business. The members are awesome which is a big help, but with all that said....WE NEED MORE MISSIONARIES PRESIDENT!!!!! ...there I said it...Well, we will do our best but we know that if that were to happen, this area is going to progress even more then it is now! We feel so blessed to be a part of this time of harvest where "potential investigators are popping up like daisies!"

We both feel like we are going to learn a lot from this transfer! Oh, and I almost forgot! we are also a part of the Digital Mission, and then have 6 hours a week that we are doing service...*few* Please pray that my little goldfish brain will be able to keep in order all this craziness! ><

Love you loads! :)

Sister Patterson

P.S. I am going to lunch now with the office Sisters, Sister Wagner and Sister Bell :)

Oh, Oh, Oh!!! Today is Sister Slater and my 8 MONTH MARK!!!!!!! XD
So crazy! 10 months left!!! That's less then a year!!! ><

I love you a load of new investigators :)

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