Monday, March 17, 2014

Email 3/17/14

Oh! Sister Bell and I got packages from the Camarillo ward (a few weeks ago) with lots of Trader Joes goodies and notes from the YW! I just wanted to say Thank you and I enjoyed it so much! 
What a "SWEET" surprise! ;)

Happy Saint Patricks Day!

We had our Green outfits on but Sister Little didn't so she held a green pen ^^ 

 Us at the Church doing Emails and with Sister Little <3

Us Sisters that taught Joe with the Martinez Family

Then Bro. Farmer with them. :) He is Awesome and funny!

and a Picture of The Elders with Joe because they didn't get a picture with him 
and we felt sooooooooooooo bad :( 
so I did this so they could have evidence to send their families. ^^

Sister Slater Cleaning the Font! :)

The work is moving like crazy!

We had Joe's Baptism and I got to give the talk on Baptism! I felt so honored! And we had a potential there as well named Paul! We had met him at our service we do at a food pantry on Tuesday's and Thursday's. We met him on Thursday. We shared with him what we believe and then invited him to church.  He said that he would actually really like to come and that he was intrigued! :) He came that Sunday and said that the talks that were given were exactly what he needed. Then after that we had planned to see him on Wed. but he ended up having a doctor's appt. so instead we invited him to Joe's Baptism. After the baptism he mentioned that Joe looked like he had a glow about him and that our church wasn't like anything he's ever seen. That there was something "Different" ;) about it/us. :) !!!!

Also our Lady Susan that we met at CVS was going to come to church yesterday but got sick from something she ate but she said that she would be there next Sunday! She is golden and so sweet! :) We are excited for her! and we are going to try to stop by on Wed. to hopefully start teaching her :)

Oh,Oh,Oh!!! and we got Jackson as a new Investigator!!!!! He is the one that I told you about that we were his first white friends! ^^ We brought some Young Adults with us and they were amazing and fellowshipped him like no other! They right off invited him to an activity and made sure he had a ride and everything! It sounded like he had a fun time at the activity as well! :)
Jackson is one of a kind! After we taught him an intro of the lessons, he told us that he wants us to make sure to tell him what we are going to teach him and what scriptures we were going to go over so that he's not unprepared and that he can be looking sharp and knowing whats going on.  He wants to bring us the right questions that he has little by little so he doesn't overwhelm us with all his questions. haha! ^^

Well I know this church is true and that's the end of it...but really that's just the beginning. ;)


Sister Patterson
Sarah :)

This is how much I love the Scriptures!!!! 3 Nephi 11!!!! SOOOOOOOO AWESOME!!! ^^

Us with our Sister Training leaders, Sister Crane (next to me) 
and then Sister Hurst. They are Awesome! :)

Us at the Library doing office work. ;P and having our lunch. ^^

 If you will notice Sister Slater wanted cereal 
but forgot a spoon and had to get creative... haha! ^^ 

This is me trying to make a cool pick out of a discount card 
that we couldn't use anyway. haha! 

I feel so inspired by you all! and know that I would not be the person I am today without you! 
Thanks for being my Family! ^^

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