Monday, February 24, 2014

Email 2/24/14

Us with our Mini Missionary Sister Berrey :)

I am doing really well and staying extremely well and Super busy! (Sister Slater is the new driver). We have 6 Missionaries in our ward but we still have to do a lot of the work! >< 
The office Elders only have after 6pm to go out and then the other pair of Sisters are working in the office as well doing special assignments!   

Sister Slater is AMAZING and has inspired me so much! I am working on improving myself and it feels good! ^^

Sister Bell is in my district! Ok, so she is also in my ward too because she is one of the office sisters and they are assigned to our ward! She is totally awesome! I love her! XD

We got a Mini Missionary and that was really fun! Her name is Sister Berrey! She was so sweet! We loved having her with us for the weekend :)

plus we are getting another Mini Missionary for this weekend as well. :) 

We just met 2 Media referrals that are super promising and we are so excited!!!! 
I will tell you all about it after we find out more about how they will progress! ^^
but here is a quote from one of our referrals, "All my friends are African, I don't have any white friends." Sister Slater and I look at each other and back at him, "Hey we can be your first white Friends". ^^ haha! He thought that was funny :)   

I love you a million Media referrals and Mini Missionaries! 

Love you,
Sister Patterson

I forgot to tell you that I got an opportunity to take pictures for the Digital Mission that might be used if they work for the site! Who knows, I may get famous on my mission! haha! No, there are a lot of really talented missionaries taking pictures out here. But thought I would share :)

Oh, Oh, Oh! AND I just got asked to be a Digital Missionary along with Sister Slater who was one in her last area! So now we are going to be even that much busyerererer! haha! We can do it and it will be an adventure!

Love you,
Sister Patterson ;)

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