Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Email 3/26/14

I am getting Transferred!!!! I'm going to Amherst!!!! and going to be Companions with Sister Scott!!!!
I love her!

Sister Slater is going to be Training!

Today is my last day in the area so we are going to go to Boston and then head to Transfer meeting (that will now be on Wednesdays and we now will be finding out on Friday at District Meetings) so we are heading out early so we can get to North Brookfield chapel on time. That's where Transfer meeting will be at so fun! :) Memories! :)

We also had an investigator Susan that came to Stake Conference! She was so impressed by the things that were said and about how happy everyone was. This was a really special time for me to be sitting there with her and thinking back to when I first met her in CVS and simply said that I liked her earrings and thanked her for being a really welcoming devoted worker in her job. Then flash forward to now and she is now going to have her life changed by the greatest gift there is to give. Never underestimate meager beginnings. :)

Fun Fact! My first Sunday here was a Stake Conference and now my last was Stake Conference! I've been here for 6 months!!!!

I will send more pictures on Monday!

Thank you for you letters and pictures of you and of California. Sister Bell and I appreciated it. ^^

Love you all lots of new adventures to come. :D


Sarah :)
Sister Patterson

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