Monday, March 31, 2014

Email 3/31/14

 My First District Meeting! :)

First off, I am so grateful to be Sister Scott's Companion. She is one amazing Missionary and daughter of God! I feel like I am more here for Sister Scott then for a area as amazing as Amherst is and I do love the Members I have gotten to meet so far. I am really excited to help this area explode with Sister Scott! ;)  She is from Utah. We came out together and she just turned 21. :) She reminds me of Erin so you know what she is like. :)

We have had a few adventures these past few days! One of them being that we went to find a media referral that was actually the brother that referred him and he told us to go and find him (he lives in the U Mass dorms). Ok, so, we start off with parking in an underground parking lot and finding our way through a maze of halls. Then we see two girls giving out free popcorn. We stopped and asked one of the girls where to find a certain dorm. We chatted with her AND!!!!! it turns out that she is a member and hasn't come to church in a long time!!! We found a less active!!! She said that she would come next Sunday... we should probably tell her about General Conference now that I think about it... haha! We'll get on that. ;) Anyways, back to the story...we head out into the down pore of rain with no umbrellas determined to find our Referral! We get lost a few times but we eventually find the dorm!!! When we get there we call the Guy so that he can come down and talk when he says, "Is this a prank?" ...Sister Scott hangs up the phone and we look at each other in defeat and dripping wet. I then quickly turn to the guy at the greeting desk and say, "Well!, would you like to hear a message about Jesus Christ? " He had a surprised smile on his face and hesitantly said, "...Sure...?" We both blew it out of the ball park and gave him our number and we got his! Even though he wasn't super interested, he was nice and impressed with our dedication. We asked him to tell us if he ever meets anyone that might be interested and he said he would. :D

Plus!!! you thought that was all, huh? As we drove out to pay the guy for parking, Sister Scott was totally bold and gave him a card. He said that he had a faith but his wife was into that kinds of things and he would give it to her!!!!

Those were some pretty awesome miracles that happened in a time that we could have gotten really discouraged. :)

I also fulfilled a dream I had of walking and getting sopping wet in the rain just like in the movies. :D haha!

Oh, dear. ^^

I love you all my dreams come true!

Sister Patterson

Us after walking through the rain ^^

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