Monday, March 10, 2014

Email 3/10/14

First off, I realized that I never told you that I got your Valentines package!
I loved it and so did Sis.Slater. ;)

We are in Worcester right now for our Preparation day to have a nerf gun war and ice cream!

Our investigator, Joe, got his Baptismal date changed!!!!! to sooner :D so instead of the 22nd its the 15th!!!!! That's this weekend!!! There is so much to do!!! We are so excited and so is he. :)

Sister Slater is so amazing and fun. We have a ton in common! We are doing so much and are still able to have fun and keep humor in the moments that could really be stressful but still getting things done well! I love it! Being able to laugh together in a companionship is so important. ^^

We were able to see the M. kids the other Day finally!!! you will probably remember them from when we tracted them in November.^^ We will hopefully see them this Wednesday.

Well we are going to eat lunch. Sooooo hungry!!! ><

I Love you all a million things to prepare for a Baptism! ^^

Sister Patterson :)

Pretty :) for the Digital Mission :)

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