Monday, April 7, 2014

Email 4/7/14


                                                     When we went to Harvard square! 
My last P-Day with all those Awesome Missionaries :( 
                                                     It was fun. :) soooo windy! haha!




I was so enthralled for General Conference. To me it feels as though the talks are getting bolder and bolder, clearer and clearer. There is just black and white. The thing that kept sticking out to me is Obedience! I can over come my weaknesses and carnal desires; making sure my thoughts are wanting to obey with willingness that is essential to success in the work.

We had a wonderful meeting with our new ward missionary Sister Benjamin after conference. She is so excited for this calling and taking it on head first! She sat down in her chair in front of us with her note pad and said, "ok! speak! What do you need me to do?" We are putting her right to work helping us organize dinners and splits. She has become like our Missionary Mom ;)

Sister Scott and I are beginning to figure our how we teach together and learning a lot from each other :) She makes me laugh so hard sometimes and reminds me a lot of my own Sister Erin :)

I have been struggling with having courage with talking to people but role playing like crazy helps me loosen up and not be so nervous. I go through waves of being good at things and then not but that's just the way it is sometimes especially when you get out of practice. ;)

We got to be Sister Bingham and Sister Southworth's first exchange as new Sister Training leaders! so fun. :) and it is extra fun because I went with Sister Bingham who was my Trainer and Sister Scott was Sister Southworth's Trainer. Family is reunited. ;)
We had a wonderful time reminiscing and seeing how each of us have changed and grown Spiritually. :) Sister Bingham was really fun with helping me practice role play and really got into character. ^^

Oh, something that Sister Scott and I are Super excited for is that we get to perform for the Sisters Conference!!! This has been a dream of Sister Scott's and myself included! :D We are singing a medley of, "I'm trying to be like Jesus" and "If the Savor stood beside Me".

So many of my dreams have been coming true lately: Doing a Tap number and Playing Guitar and Singing for a ward talent show, walking in the rain, being Sister Scott's Companion, and now getting to preform with her for the Sisters Conference! Oh, and I discovered frozen Grapes!!!! My life will never be the same now! ^^ They are so gooooood!!!!

I feel so blessed! :D

Well, I could keep blabbing on all day now couldn't I? haha! I will let you go ;)

I love you a big empty bag of (once filled) frozen Grapes! ;D

Sister Patterson :)

I did get a bag of treats on our door but it was while we were gone! that was so weird to think that Brent was right there.... oh man! haha

One of a new outfits that I thought you would like Mom! ;)

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