Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Email 8/28/13

Goodbye to our Mini Missionary

We had to give back our mini Missionary back. :'( We all worked so well together! and of course being Sisters we cried. ;) haha! We wore her out but she told us that she loved being a Missionary with us and that she didn't want to leave. She was so sweet and really brought Sister Bingham and I closer as companionship.

We do have our ruff moments but we made it a ritual to say two things that we appreciate about each other and it really helps us to "never go to bed mad" ;) and it doesn't take long for us to make up. :) 

We are so excited! our investigator (Jessica) came to church this past Sunday! She had an amazing experience and want's to come back!!! :D We'll see her this Saturday and we feel like her journey towards baptism is that much closer! :)

Writing this digital mission letter was a lot harder then I thought! I will admit that I cried a few times because I was having writers block and I really wanted it to be meaningful. With Sister Binghams help I was able to figure out what I should write and I feel really good and resolved about it. :) 
It really pushed me in a good way. ;)

Well, I laughed, I cried. All in all it was a good week;)

A drawing of our Mini Missionary

Waiting for our Mini Missionary to get picked up :'(

I taught a lesson to a new investigator last week and it was the first lesson and I had to start it! I was so nervous! but once I started talking, the words came to me... yeah that totally wasn't me, that was the spirit! The lady and her son Tom, who has taken the lessons from the Elders at one time, were there. As I was talking, they were silent...! and mind you the people here in the Massachusetts Boston Mission...well...they like to talk...a LOT! so I knew that they must have been feeling something ;)

Well, I laughed, I cried and I felt the spirit guide. All in all it was a good week ;) (Wow! that rhymed) haha!


Sister Patterson

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