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Letter July 23 - July 30th

Daily Happenings

Today we went to our appointment with Irene and we took our Branch President with us. Pres. Dusty!....I know right! That is the coolest name ever!
Our lesson went really good! We talked about Baptism, the Spirit, Priesthood, and Faith.  She has such a strong testimony and she is so ready to baptized but she worries about her health and having enough strength but he said that today has been one of her best days so far.  We’re praying that she continues to get well enough so that she can be baptized. 

During the lesson I was pretty quiet but then I felt prompted to tell Mom’s baptism story about how it felt different because there was the proper authority and then bore my testimony.  After I finished she looked at me and said, “Oh, thats why I love the Holy Spirit! see, what you just said gave me chills.” Wow! I just made someone feel chills from something I said....Ahh! so cool!  I also said a couple things that Sister Bingham said almost made her tear up a little from being so proud and feeling that I was saying just what she needed to hear.  I love the Holy Ghost.

Today was Sister Bingham’s Birthday! I wrote her a note and we finished off the day with some Pizza and Klondike bars! Yumm!

Today we met with a member for lunch and she has been thinking about homeschooling and when I told her that I was home schooled she got all excited and asked me how I liked it.  You know now I responded of course.:) It was a really nice appt. with her. 

The roads here are so windy and there are so many ways to get to one place (lots of dirt roads). It’s really Green! I took lots of Pic’s.  Later today we helped a lady pack and start moving over to her new home. My instincts kicked in and we (Elders and us) got a ton done in just an hour and half! Oh Yeah! 
We’ll it’s late so good night! 

Today we went to Irene’s with Hannah B. (member) and Irene said that she wants to be Baptized!...this sunday after church! Afterward we went to Sister Johnson’s for lunch and it was amazing. We also did service for her (cleaning). 

Sister Bingham drove into a hole! Don’t worry, she was trying to make a U turn and the plants covered it and the inner part of the bumper/wheel well, got shifted/broken. When I first saw it it looked worse than it was cuz the bumper was kind of popped out of place. So being me.....I popped it back...I fixed it!....well sort of. :)

We cleaned the church later to get ready for the big musical fireside that we’ve been handing out flyers like crazy for.  You would be so proud of me........ready....I have cleaned 29 toilets so far! 23 at the MTC for service day, 1 in our apartment on P-Day and 1 tonight at the church too!  Well, it’s late.  Love ya!  Good night!

Today was busy! We had district meeting and then had a lunch appt. with Sister Kelly and her nonmember friend Connie. We taught her about the restoration and other things. Then we went to Sister Gamache’s...then the Thompson’s. The Thompson’s are so fun! Sister Thompson is so creative and Brother Thompson is so smart in the gospel and likes to get really deep into it. Sister Thompson always rolls her eyes and teases him about it  and apologizes to us for having to listen to him. ;)  ha ha! But he really is super smart and I have learned a lot! :)

We just went out to do our exercising and put more flyers for the musical fireside on doors and met a few people that looked really interested in coming. I’m so excited and nervous at the same time!

After the Musical
It was sooooo Amazing! I’ll send the program. I had goose bumps! Pres. Packard sang with his daughter Natalie and son Michael. They are amazing singers! I got really emotional seeing the Packards cuz they are like the fill-in family for you all and afterwards I talked to Sister Packard.  I gave her the spoon earrings and the tie tack for President. She really liked them and during all this, I’m being a big baby and saying how their like my family and how much I love them.  She was so sweet and told me that if I ever feel like I miss home and just need a family, to call her. And if it was really bad, I could even drive over and stay a while at the mission home.  I love them. 

We had about 200ish members come from our branch and some from other wards in different areas. They said we had about 45ish none members there. I heard a lot of people saying how beautiful it was and how it really touched their hearts. “Yep! thats the spirit for ya”! :)

I’m waiting for Sister Bingham to get off the computer and I just remembered that I left my camera in the Car!!!! :(    I hope I have time to go grab it and then upload them before we have to get ready for our appt.!!!
I feel like a wild animal when people try to take my letter writing time if someone said “Oh, no, you can’t write your “OH NO YOU DON’T!RRRRRRRRRUFF!”  ;)  Don’t nobody miss with me and my family time! (Sorry just needed to rant... this hasn’t happened to me- don’t worry. ;)

We met a lady named Mei (you say it like May) Martin. She is tall Chinese woman that 
owns her own tool store and she ‘s probably in her 30’s. She is really sweet and just wants the best for her kids. I told her about you all and she was really impressed. I told her how having the gospel growing up really helped me have a solid foundation and that I know I have a Heavenly Father who knows me completely and I could go to him with anything.  After I said that, she had this wide eyed look on her face...then a customer came in and we had to go. We are hoping to get her to become an investigator and out of the potential investigator category.  :)

I love the Lord and I love you!
(There’s a plaque quote for you Dad!)

Oh, the lesson we teach tonight is with the Millet’s and we’re teaching temple prep.
They have been member for about 4 or 5 years now and were inactive for a little bit in the middle there, for a bit, but they are so strong and they have a Boston accent! He can be a jokester but he’s soft on the inside. It’s cute to see him with their 2 year old girl cuz he’ll be like, “What do you want!” and she’ll grab his face in her hands and say, “I love you!” and he melts.  Cute! :)

Oh, my goodness! Last night at the Millet’s was so fun! We had dinner (salad and chicken with stuffing). Bro Millet and their son Sam (teenager) were talking..well more like deal making. ;)  Sam works with his Dad doing ? construction ?..(something like that) and Sam will also take calls and get jobs confirmed. They were just going back and forth with who should get payed for getting the job. So funny!

At one point Brother Millet brought up a random story of some Hollywood people who in celebration of their baby being born got their toilets dipped in GOLD!   “What!” and then I said, “Oh, man, well, their just sitting on that gold aren’t they!” and Bro. and SIs. Millet looked at me and busted out laughing! :)  Oh, man, I love it when I get those one’s that just come to me at the perfect moment! ;)

We just got back from Irene’s Baptism!  Like I told you, we got approved to do it in her bath tub.  When we got there we got everything ready and then....the water wouldn’t turn on in the tub. The water worked everywhere else...hmmmmm...The devil was really trying but he should have realized that she had a determined army behind her! So, we found jugs, pots, bowls, etc., anything we could find and got everyone to do a fireman line from the kitchen sink to the tub!  I’ll try to get the picture of me to you of me filling up the jugs!  ha ha

It was such a special experience after we finally got the tub filled we started. Brother Taggart gave a talk on Baptism then I sang a solo! :) I sang, “I know that my Redeemer lives” verse 1 & 4. Afterwards, she thanked me and I could tell that she was filled with the spriit.  She even started to get a little misty eyed. 

Then she got BAPTISED! After that she thought she was done but Nope! she was confirmed! Now that was special.  After they finished with eyes closed and hands out reached she sat there so overcome and said a prayer of thanks.  The spirit was so strong!  Then she suddenly hopped out of her chair and her face was in shock! She said, “I can walk!” “I haven’t walked without grabbing something in years!” Then she was boppin’ around everywhere saying “Oh, I can do it...this is so fun!
She is so cute. 
She already telling us about people she wants to share the gospel to.
Such a special day.  

Well, until the next nice fat letter.

Love you!
Sister Patterson

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