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Letter 7/31/13 - 8/12/13

We got a text yesterday and it said,

”Congratulations to the Massachusetts Boston Mission 
for having *50* baptisms in the month of July!

We went and visited Sister J, gave a message about prayer and how she should try to have a family prayer with her husband (not a member) before the go to bed. She really liked that idea. She said, “Oh, I never thought about that before but I’ll try it. :) Then we gave service to her by cleaning her house. I realized how much I love vacuums to deep clean things...ha ha.

7/31/13, Yesterday
We stopped by a family that are members but less active. The sister used to practice witchcraft. As we went in, I realized that I didn’t know anything about these people and the sister was the only one home. So I started talking to her and sharing the quote Jessie wrote in my notebook about perfection. (Thanks for that by the way! I think I’ve used it like a million times and it’s a life saver.) Then a little bit about prayer and repentance (by the way, I wasn’t sure if this woman was even a member or less active).
I just laid it all out and did what the spirit told me to do. Afterward, Sister Bingham turns to me and says, “What did you do????!!!!!!....me,...”What did I do???!!!!...Sis. Bingham,“You just cracked that nut!”...me,????...Sister Bingham, This sister never has been that nice and receptive!...me,... “really?”. What can I say, I can even charm a witch..ha ha. :)

We went to go home one day and Sister Bingham look at me and said, “I don’t feel good about going home right now. I just feel like it’s not time to go home yet.” Me..”OK” so we wondered around and looked for someone house that we got a referral for from the MTC (a text referral from MTC/mormon.org). Then after that we went to the grocery store to get some things and said a prayer before we went in. I don’t know if we were supposed to miss something or that maybe someone needed to see us out and about but I know that God is looking after us.

We had district meeting and this is the first time that I got to have lunch with the Elders afterwords! :) The First 3 times we had appts. right after our meetings. :( Anyways, it was fun.

There is a less active sister (Melissa) that we helped move and she needed a washer and dryer. One of the brothers in our ward was finally able to find one. We were so excited!
Later that night it started to rain...the Elders call!....“Sisters!”...us..”What?”....Elders...”Is it raining there?... us....”yes”...Elders...”We need you to go to the church and cover the washer/dryer!” That brother had dropped the washer and dryer off at the church right outside the storage shed by the church. “Ok, Elders! We will come up with something!”
So we run out in our pajamas with flashlight, trash bags, and tape in hand. As soon as we get to the church we look around and the church parking lot is totally dry! Wow! The Lord was waiting for us to cover the washer and dryer so he could make it rain. Pretty cool! It was an adventure. (Dad, I know what your thinking but the Elders live a lot farther away from the church than we do. We’re like 5 minutes away). :)
We thought we would get to bed early that night but they called at 10:25 pm. Awwwwh, man! Oh well!

We had a big activity today called “The Day at the Lake” at one of the member houses.
They live right on the lakeside. So pretty! They had music, swimming, and food of which I probably ate too much of. ha ha It was wonderful!

Today at church we saw Melissa with her 2 boys. One is 8 and the other is 2. We are so excited to see them and feel her desire to come back to church. She told us that her boys keep asking when the missionaries are coming and that just melted our hearts. She said, “I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the spirit that you all bring when you were here and they felt it”. So Sweet!
We went to check up on Irene and she looks amazing. She is just glowing with the spirit. We talked about temples (Baptism for the dead) and she said “Yup! that makes sense”.
I love her.

10:30 am. We are about to go with the Elders to the Basketball Hall of Fame! I don’t know much about it but I will take pictures and it will be fun to do something different.

4:30 pm. We’re in the car driving back right now! It was really fun. The pictures tell all you need to know really. Oh, but we ended up getting in for way less then it would have been because of Sister Acosta. She said to the ticket lady. “I’m old so I get that discount right?” The lady said, “Yes! Oh, is this a church group?” ....”Yes, we’re a church group”. So we got that one as well. It turned out to be $13 instead of $20.

We had a couple appt’s today and a correlation with Pres. Dusty. Then we set out for Boston. We are going to spend the day tomorrow with our Sister training leaders and go on splits. They are Sister Calder (who I went with) and Sister Bringhurst (who went with Sister Bingham. It was fun! They are so bubbly! I learned some things from Sister Calder and apparently she learned some things from me. Really? I felt so good about myself.

For one of our appts. we had planned on teaching member missionary work/inviting friends to church and then following up with meeting with the missionaries etc. but the sister we were meeting with texts us 2 hours before our dinner appt. and tells us that she is bringing her friend who is interested in the church to have dinner with us. We were so excited! But now we needed a new lesson plan. It turned our really well and I talked a bit more than Sister Calder but I just did what the spirit told me to do and say. :) It was amazing!

Before we left, the Sisters gave us some amazing CTR rings that a Brother in the ward makes. We could totally make these Dad! :) They said that he gives them out to all the primary kids and anyone he meets. So fun!
(Oh, we got to talk/meet with President Packard when we first got there. Sister Packard is so sweet and asked me if I was feeling better (less homesick)). I am a lot better.

We drove back to North Brookfield today. “There’s no place like home.”

We met with Brother M. His wife is a member. She is from the Philippines and he is Caucasian. He says things like, “I’m not a member....yet!!!” Apparently he received a powerful feeling after he prayed once and it kind of scared him. So we talked to him about faith and I shared part of the conversion story you gave me Mom. I cried while reading it and I think he even got a a little misty eyed. I think it really touched him.
“Yep, that’s right, sister missionaries make grown men cry.” We should put that on a T-Shirt. :) I felt really good and our Elders were happy to hear the good news cause they are the main ones that work with him. In fact, the Elders came up to us after they had had a lesson with him and said, “What did you do to the man? He told us he loved us right before we left.“

I have decided to smile and say Hello to as many people as I can and if possible sincerely ask them how they are doing and brighten their day in some way.
So then I noticed this guy checking me out...(checking me out at the grocery store..ha ha...that sounded funny). Anyways, he looked like he was just having a long day and that he needed someone to look him straight in the eye (instead of looking down at the food you bought,...etc.). I said, “Hello, how have you been today?” ...him...”Oh, ummm, well, its been ok I guess”....me,...”Good! You know they say that your day goes the direction of the corners of your mouth.” He then looked me with a surprised smile on his face and he said, “Yeah, that’s a good way to put it.” :)

We had zone conference today! It was so amazing! I got to see Sister Scott! I was so happy! She reminds me of Erin and it made me feel like I was coming home....sniff..sniff.

We saw Leine for lunch today and she just got her endowments. She was positively glowing. She is amazing! She’s waiting for her fiance to get back from serving in the army and he wants to become a member but she said, “Now wait! are you doing this for me or because you actually want to be baptized?” She wants the best! There’s no fooling with a woman like that when she wants Eternity! I love her.

Branch council this morning at 8:30 am., then church.
Quick Note: Saturday night we had an investigator (Jessica) that was wanting to go to church but didn’t have a ride so being a greenie I called a couple that you normally wouldn’t but I got them to pick her up. Oh, Yeah! But then we get a text from her after our meeting saying, “I am so sorry! I slept in and can’t come to church! I was sooo sad! NOOOO!
Then the couple that was picking her up were so sweet and said, “Well, we’ll try again next week”. HALLELUJAH!

We also taught YW’s on Temple Marriage. I easily could’ve started crying because it brought back memories of my Beehives/YW’s.

Did you know that Sister Bingham and I taught the Millet’s their last temple prep class today? Sister Millett asked if we could be her escorts. We want to go so bad but we’re not allowed. So sad. I love them. We go over once in a while and help Emily with personal progress. So fun!

We woke up did our work outs (I’m getting really buff). ;) Sister Bingham took my bag once and almost feel over. Sister Bingham... “What do you have in here? Bricks?!!!” ha ha Yep! Oh, then she said, “Man those Elders better not mess with Sister Patterson!” ha ha :) Anyways, ...then after we wrote letters at the library we stopped by Mei’s and gave her a Book of Mormon, Proclamation to the Family, For the Strength of Youth and a Restoration pamphlet. She was excited and said, “Well, now I know what my summer reading is going to be.” :)
Then we stopped by Sister Jacobson’s and shared a message with her about the priesthood. As we were walking out I felt like I should go back to the lady at the front desk. (Sister Jacobson is in a rest home) So we went back and gave her a pass along card. I hope that we helped lift her day.

Well, thats enough chatter from me.

Love you a million pass along cards! :)


Sarah (Sister Patterson)

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