Thursday, August 1, 2013

Email July 22nd 2013

That was Sis.Bingham's Birthday!! :)

My new companion is Sister Bingham! She is really sweet and it's funny cuz I'm 5'7 and she's 4''s fun.  The Elders joked about her getting someone that was 6'0 or something! haha! ^^ 
It came in handy though when we went out to exercise.  When we got back we accidentally forgot to unlock it before we left! >< but then she remembered that the window by the stairs was open and I said, "I can lift you up through the window!?" So we said a prayer that we wouldn't die and then we went for it! I grabbed a hold of the the railing and put my foot on the stair (we live on the 2 floor and we get in our apartment with a outdoor stair case) then she stood on my leg and I threw her in... ok I lifted her in... I thought it would sound more exciting that way... haha! ^^    
And we made it!!! yay! 

Here are the Thompson's! They are super sweet and Brother Thompson is soooo smart in the gospel! We went there to teach and I ended up learning! 

That's him and his knife he made from the last bit of rail road steal he had from his Father! so cool! :D

Here's the Elders! haha!

The zone leaders had fun playing with my camera! haha! ^^

Elder Taggart is the tallest one and is always saying short jokes like- don't be short with me or you got here in a short time.  Sister Bingham enjoys them too. ;) haha! 


Sister Patterson

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