Thursday, August 1, 2013

Email July 29th 2013

We had a very interesting experience this Sunday

As we were walking into the church, we saw a lady who looked lost and my heart skipped a beat! We asked her if she needed help. She then told us that she had seen the flyer for the musical but couldn't go so she came today instead because she was curious...!!! We were on cloud 9! We sat with her for sacrament meeting and tried to explain what was happening. (that was also the day Mike Hi got confirmed) The theme for the talks was temple covenants. One of the speakers talked about Eternal Marriage and about being faithful to each other.

After her talk was over she asked where the bathroom was and as we showed her she looked at us with eyes full of tears and said, "I'm so sorry, I have to go." Us, "Whats wrong???" Her,"I'm just really hit home.. I'm so sorry!" and she ran down the hall. We tried to run after her but all we were able to do was tell her that if she needed anything to call us with the number on the program she had. All we had gotten from her was her first name "Donna". She has been on my mind constantly and we are just praying that she calls us.

Pretty crazy, huh?

Sister Patterson

Me at a little place where they make Maple Candy, Syrup, Butter...etc..

Sadly they were closed but we will try to go there again! :) 

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