Wednesday, July 10, 2013

July 5th 2013

Day 3

Last night was crazy! We all gathered in the gym where they had us all sing together (so cool and
powerful).  I got chills.   Then we watched 17 miracles.  I was worried at first because I didn't have any tissues on me :( but I did better than I thought. :)  I think I was a bit more prepared cuz I've seen it before.
THEN we got to go outside and have magnum ice cream while we watched the fire works from the stadium of fire. :)  They let us stay up a little latter so we could see them....but not wake up latter.
Oh well.   ha ha  :)
Today we are teaching our first lesson to one of our teachers who role plays as our investigator.....

OK, we just got back from teaching. The investigator was really quiet but wanted to find peace since he was going through trials and sadness. We taught him that he has a loving Heavenly Father and about prayer and the Holy Ghost.
We have learned a lot through trial and error. We have another lesson the "Anthony" (the investigator and our teacher) tomorrow as a follow up.  We left him with an invitation to pray so hopefully he was
be able to feel the Holy Ghost so that in our lesson we prepared for tomorrow we will be able to progress further.

I have been doing my best to eat healthy Erin.

Jessie, thank you so much for those lesson plans that you let me copy. They have helped me more than
you know.

My testimony has grown so much even in such a short time.  I have realized how much faster you get to know people when you have the same goals/gospel.  All of us Sisters have gotten surprisingly close for only being here 4 days.  Wow! it been 4 days... in a way it's felt like a week and other like yesterday.

Sister Patterson

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