Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Letter July 16th 2013

My Flight to Boston

I'm on the airplane right now!!!!!!!!
It was so good to talk to you all on the phone before I left! Just hearing your voices gave me strength. 

They gave us little hand out cards to give out to someone on the plane if we could. So far the guy next to me and his son are LDS and he has been telling me about his mission in Arkansas.  There is a girl across the isle that is nice and I hope I get the chance to give her the handout.......Well, it turns out that she's going to Boston on a modeling opportunity and she is also Jewish so she didn't want the handout but I told her how I got my call and it turned out very positive. She is the first real non-member that I have talked to! ha ha :)

Everyone of the missionaries in our group have been so supportive and excited for me because this is my first flight. Everyone is so nice and there are so may of them that I might not have been friends with but because of the gospel and having the same goals and purpose it has really brought us together.

MTC Notes
As we would plan and teach a lesson, I really realized how much more I can rely on the spirit and how my prayers have become so much more sincere and meaningful.
Oh, when we had our temple walk on sunday, there were two guys with signs on the sidewalk right before we went crossed the street that said, "Repent".  So crazy!
Oh, the Elders in our district are Elder Baker, Fauver, Neilson and Reeve. 

Happy Birthday Grandma!  I love you so much! You have always been an Awesome example to me and helped me to be happy with who I am and encouraged me to do my best and that that was good enough. :)

Thanks to the Ward! You are some of the most generous, kind, loving, Christ-like people I have ever encountered and I owe you I will do my best to make you proud by sharing the gospel and help others to have the joy I have had through having it in my life.  Thank you again!

Sarah  (Sister Patterson)

P.S. I have more coming! So much has happened!!!!

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