Monday, September 15, 2014

Email 9/15/14

First off Sister Standerfer is AMAZING!!!! she catches on super fast and is very determined and has so much fire!!! It is exactly what I need and this area needs! We had the opportunity to get a new investigator together yesterday and that put an extra pep in our step! :)

I feel like she will make a wonderful trainer someday! because I think even though I am the trainer she is training me!

Boy is being missionary life prep or what!? ;)

We also got a baptism Date last night with our 15 year old Cape Verdi investigator and we are working on bringing a member who can speak Portuguese. We are just praying that everything goes well and that our 2 Baptism dates stay firm! I am trying to strengthen my faith because my faith can have more power then I allow a lot of the time... ;)

I really appreciate all the examples of leaders to pull from as I train. I am excited to see the miracles that are to come in the Springfield Zone!!! :)

Ok! so, we had President Packard's Fireside about what the world knows because of Joseph Smith and it was incredible!!! We had so many Members that were strengthened and the Non members, there were 4 there! that were blown away! Kelly in particular! She was overcome throughout his presentation! We are hoping to meet with her soon. Here are the two Video's that he was inspired to have made and used in the fireside!

Then our investigator I told you about at the beginning is Rachel (with the baby). This was awesome for her to hear too! She is really trying to find what God wants her to do and what church is for her. We have to say that she was also excited to hear President Packard's Texas accent. ;) She is funny. Whatever works right? haha!

We also had a few other investigators that really wanted to come but had conflicting schedules but otherwise would have been there. We will let them know about the next one that will be in North Brookfield and hopefully they make it to that one!

We left early on Wed. with a member that was going our to Weston area for work. We left the apt. at 7:30 am.! and we waited for her to do an hour presentation at a high school as we did Studies in the car. :) Then she took us to lunch and then dropped us off at the Mission Office! We tagged along with the Vails to pick up the food for the meeting for the Trainers and Greenie's where we all get assigned BUT then the Vails got a call from Sister Packard saying that one of the Companionship's got lost in the Boston Commons and they just found them!!! So instead of having a separate meeting to find out who your Greenie is, he did it in the main meeting! Which never happens! But it was such a cool experience!!! Plus Sister Standerfer and I were the first to get announced!!! We hugged in excitement and sat next to each other. The Sisters next to her leaned over and asked how long I had been out and I said 14 months and there eyes got really big as they said in unison, "WOW" haha! I know I sound old but I swear I was a Greenie just last month!!! haha!

The weather is going Crazy! It feels like Fall already! and a few trees are starting to change! Poor Sister Standerfer is from Arizona and is not used to the cold! She is wearing scarfs and tights and turns on the heat in the car when she can.  I open my window a little so I'm not sweating with the oldies and can have a little cool air. haha! ^^ I love her so much! :) I am trying to enjoy not having to wear a jacket because I know that that will be my outfit for the rest of the winter! haha!

Transfer Meeting had so many people there and I even got to see Susan!!! The Lady from CVS when I was in the Weston 1st ward!!! She working on getting Baptized! Blow me over with a feather!!! I must have squeezed the pudding out of her after she tapped me on my shoulder!

She is incredible!

She has been on my mind for months! I need to get better at keeping in contact with people!!! haha!

There is a picture of Sister Roy and I with her friends.

Oh, man! so much going on!!!

Yes,  I would love to write a little note to the primary When do they need it by?

What address should I send it to?

Oh, President Packard has given us another Book of Mormon Challenge to start another new copy and mark all the tender mercies and blessings from God! in only 2 transfers! I will do it this time! Last time I got caught up with marking everything!!! haha! Oh, man! we will see! but you all can join me in the challenge too if you like :)

Love you a million exciting things to do!!!!


Sister Patterson

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