Monday, September 22, 2014

Email 9/22/14

 Casey won!!! That's awesome!!!!!!

Alex, our investigator, is amazing! We had a lesson on Baptism and to see him ponder the questions and also see the twinkle in his eye as he talked about how what we share can make him feel good and makes my heart melt. The gospel is so true and I know this can something feel this divine and be so complex and yet so simple. Be as a little child the Lord Commanded us! After we had the lesson we told him to tell his Mom that we would bring a Portuguese speaker next Sunday so she can have an opportunity to learn the things that he has. We stopped by on Friday night to see if he had told his Mom and when we saw him his face lit up and he said that Sunday would still work but when we asked if he had told his Mom...he paused... "Go tell her now then!" haha! He went to the kitchen and Sister Standerfer was able to see her reaction through the crack of the door as he told her that we would be bringing someone that could speak Portuguese for her. In Sister Standerfer's words, "Her face lit up like a kid on Christmas morning!"
We were so excited to teach her!

We have been struggling to meet up with Adrien but on Tues. we got to see him in downtown Amherst where he got us a bagel. We talked about him being ready for his Baptism date and got to get a little read on what he wants. We invited him to have Dinner with the Bowen's and that was amazing!!!! The Bowens are awesome fellow-shippers and we even got to hear him bear his testimony about how sacred and special Baptism and the Sacrament were to him! He said he would be a church and that he is excited to learn more. We showed him his progress sheet to get across that we still have a lot to teach him before he can be baptized. He understood so hopefully we will be able to teach him more often. Sunday came around and Adrien didn't come to church :( but that's ok everything will work out.

We went to double confirm with Alex. He was so funny and saw us coming and tryed to scare us! We confirmed and he then wanted to make sure we could still come to his game which is today and we need to rush off so I will need to fill in some more of the story next time!!!!
Off to see Alex's Football game!!!

Love you all a million leaves about to fall!

Love Sister Patterson

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