Monday, September 8, 2014

Email 9/8/14

So we got a call from President Packard early on Friday morning which means that something big is happening!!!!

First off he released both of us as Sister Training Leaders and told Sister Wheeler that she would be getting Transferred!!!!!! She is going to be in Cromwell, Connecticut and is Opening the area to Sisters!!! The Members have been begging for Sisters and now they will have them!!! so there will be them and Elders in the ward! plus the Elders are Elder Terry and Paiva!!! They are the Best!!!! I got to serve with them in the Weston 1st ward!

Ok now this will be the 5th Transfer that I will be in Amherst!!!! and.......

TRAINING A GREENE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD


I was prepared to train when I was at 6 months and also right before I was with Sister Wheeler but I was totally not expecting this!!!!
I am excited to meet her! She is still in the MTC as we speak!!! So crazy!!!

I will miss Sister Wheeler so much! We had a really fun trio going where Sister Wheeler was Kim Possible (the one that gets things done) and I was Ron ( the Comic relief) and Sasha was Wade (cuz she would always look things up for us on her phone) hahaha! We have far too much fun!!! ^^ We have also had the honor to see Sasha grow spiritually like you would not believe!!!

I am excited and nervous to train! I will be honest I wasn't expecting it! and it is weird to not know who she is until Wed.!!!
I have told the ward that I'm not going to be her trainer but the ward and myself will train her together! ;)

Oh, my goodness!!!! I only have 4 months or 3 Transfers or 18 weeks left however which way you want to look at it!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO it goes too fast!!!!!

I am really happy to still be in the Amherst because I just love this ward so much! We just got a new Ward Mission leader! We are going miss Bro.Wilson but he got a call to be in the Stake and he is going to do awesome! He has done so much for us. :) The New one called is one of the new YSA. He recently got off of his mission and has lots of really good ideas and is jumping right into the work!!! He is wicked amazing!!! Oh and we had a ward mission council and the Young's (the new Ward Missionaries) are a young couple that are super excited about there calling and said that they want to go and meet one family a week to share a little message and get to know more of the ward then let them know who they are and that the ward can come to them for help too! ......I I take that back.. I DID cry, as I expressed how much I loved them and their Consecration!!! I love where this ward is headed!

Funny note Sister Benjamin (the first ward missionary) was in the meeting and as we announced the new ward missionaries she suddenly got a shocked look on her face and started saying, "Wait,wait...WAIT WHAT???" Sister Benjamin don't worry there can be more then one ward missionary in the ward! "OOOOHHHH! thank you! I thought my job was at jeopardy! " haha! She loves her calling so much. Don't even think of taking it from her! :) I love her so much!!!

So much happened this week! I recorded some but I forgot the recorder.
:( Next week!

I love you a million things going through my mind about how not to mess up training a Greene! Pray for me...and her!

I will pray for you all as well! Stay safe!!!

Love Sister Patterson!!!

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