Monday, September 1, 2014

Email 9/1/14

That would be funny if someone was born today...get it...Labor day!!! hahaha!
Oh, dear! "mean while back on the ranch".

Well, I have a new way of Communication today!...

I got a Voice Recorder!!!! so instead of always having to have an awkward video of me half asleep and all gross looking I can just have my voice :) not that I won't take video's just that in those times when you don't need Video I will use this! Let me know if it works!

I will tell you about our Exchange with North Brookfield. Sister Bently (she came with me again but this time in our area) and Sister Layton (in NB with Sister Wheeler).
We had a really nice exchange and we all learned a lot and they are really working on getting more of the NB Branch excited about those they are teaching and they are getting used to how much slower the pace is compared to areas they have served in before. It has been hard but they work amazingly together and have a lot of really good ideas and plans.

Sister Layton and Sister Wheeler had an amazing experience with a lady that I taught when I was in NB named Mary Jane who we were really excited about but as we taught her we saw that she was going to need some that time the member (Sister Fernandez) lost contact with her and didn't know where she was!!! but I guess a miracle happened and they got back in contact! They had an amazing lesson with Mary Jane and Sister Fernandez taught basically the whole lesson and bore strong testimony to her! She is soooo ready and I think this was the time she needed and now just hearing the things she said, such as, "I love reading the Book of Mormon and I know that it is true!' and " So Sisters, when should we set up a time to have another lesson?"...I know that she will be Baptized!!!! I am so happy!!! I need to tell Sister Bingham all this as well!!! :)

Sister Bently and myself had a crazy awesome day as well! We had one lesson in the morning then two latter that day and nothing but stop by's in the middle with a member! I felt so bad that our day wasn't more well planned but I think the Lord needed it that way. We ended up going by an older lady that is the Mom of a less active. She is not a member that we have taught before but we keep missing her when we have tried in the past. Then we went by the daughter in-law of the same less active brother and we taught them the first lesson finally! It has been months since we first met them and they were open to having us over but we would always try to schedule something at a time when they would be gone somewhere or just about to leave!!! so now they are finally real investigators!!!!! It was such an amazing lesson and the daughter (12) was really excited about it and after the lesson she asked us what kind of things she should say in her prayers and what to expect!!! It was just so amazing!

I might get Transferred! I feel like I have been here so long but then Sister Wheeler keeps having dreams that she is packing so who knows what will happen??? Oh, yeah, God does... haha! ^^ Oh, dear don't mind me I'm a little silly sometimes. ;)

We get Transfer Texts this Friday!!!

Sister Wheeler and I have been working hard and doing well. I love the Lord and my Testimony is growing in new ways everyday! It feels good to know that even though I can't get physically taller...My Spirit doesn't have a height limit. ;)

On the next Episode of the "Amherst Sisters"

Will Sister Patterson Get Transferred?

Or will Sister Wheelers Dreams come to pass??

Will Someone be Baptized???

Love you all a Million butterfly's in my tummy!


Sister Patterson

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