Monday, September 29, 2014

Email 9/29/14

Additions from last week and updates from this week.

So what happened Sunday night was that as we were on our way to Alex's house we got a call from a unknown # and when we call it back Alex answers and tells us that he will not be able to meet tonight because of an emergency. He was really sorry and it made our hearts melt. He is such a genuine and nice kid.

Flash forward to this week. We got to see him yesterday and we brought one of the YSA's, Jeff, who peaks Portuguese and he did amazing!!! He used the Pamphlet as a reference with the pictures and gave the Mother an overview of the First lesson. Something that stood out to me was as he was talking I couldn't understand the language but the Spirit testified to me that no matter the language you speak that the Spirit is like music. You don't have to know it to be able to feel it. Anyways back to the story, Jeff translated some questions that we had and he would tell us her response. She was very open to what we had to share and willing to learn more herself! She was all for her Son being a part of a church that would help him stay on a good path and teach good values plus she said that she had heard of the church where she came from which is Cape Verde and was very impressed. She also mentioned how she liked how respectful we were to them.

Alex is excited for his baptism date and was asking us all about what it was going to be like. We told him that this was going to be his day! He liked that. ;)


We met with Adrien and we talked to him about the Plan of Salvation and drew out the picture for him which was a huge help! He really connects to the Scriptures!

He came to church on Sunday and there were a ton of members that were so excited to see him!

We taught him during 2nd hour and had one of the YSA's, Natalie, help us speak French to him and help with some words that he didn't know how to translate. She is really sweet and we are excited to take her out with us to teach with us more often. :)

We had Zone Conference this last Thursday and we got to go to Connecticut!

I was tempted to see if Donald and Michelle could stop by during the lunch break but I didn't...lame I know! but maybe we can figure something out for latter. :)

The Conference was awesome and Sister Standerfer and I got super pumped about making our area explode with success! We had a non District meeting the next day to make District goals and really become more Consecrated!!! I am so ready to be more obedient and making sure I leave with NO REGRETS!!!

So much has been going on and we are staying busy! We are planning further ahead and are determined to be obedient! We even have been walking and getting rides from members as to NOT go over our miles. We have about 20 left and still have tomorrow! Thank goodness we have amazing members that give so much and buses in our area. We will do it!!!

Sister Standerfer is incredible and on fire! She needs to keep going which has helped me stay organized!

Sister Standerfer misses home which is natural but it's funny because she will be sad and then the next minute she will get fired up about baptizing everyone before I leave and knows that she is here and we are here for a divine purpose! Her and I have a lot of similarities that bring me back to the beginning of my Mission. I love her So much and I am honored to be her Trainer!
We work well together and Compliment each other! ;)

Love you a Million things to do and not enough time... or Miles... ;)


Sister Patterson

P.S. Sorry no Pictures but we do have a picture with Alex after his football game but it will come next week because it is on Sister Standerfer's camera and she forgot the cord.

Plus I will take some of the trees because they are changing and they are really pretty!!!

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