Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Email 4/29/14

Yes! Spring is beginning to pop up everywhere here in New England and the weather is getting nicer. :) We have had a few days that remind me of CA and then we have gotten days with a lot of rain as well. :) 

That is so cool that someone just walked in to church!!! That's always the best! It's like my story with Anne Marie. :)

Ok, so, we got to go to the BYU Idaho Symphonietta that came to Springfield and it was so beautiful!!! and the church we were in had great acoustics. Really nice! :)

We have been doing really good in the work and we have been able to get 12 members to go out with us each week for the past 2 weeks! It's awesome! The trick we have found is taking time Tuesday (for example) for our calling/texting day where we set a little bit of time aside to ask the members when they would be free to come out with us. Then we set up the investigators/less-actives appointments. We have found a lot of success with this. :)

We got a new Investigator this week too! His name is Al and he is the one we met as he was getting into his car the day of the weed festival. ;) Well he is 76 years old and one of the most spiritually prepared people I have ever met! He is basically a dry Mormon! He was really excited to come to church too but he had some health issues but he is ok and he is anxious to meet with us again. :)

Interviews with President Packard were so nice and he totally hit the nail on the head again... I have been so frustrated like I shared in my last letter about it being hard to see so many people who don't believe in anything.e said, well I would just tell you that the cure to this is letting them see how much love you have for them and I want you to read this scripture that might make you feel Iike you have someone in common with how you are feeling.

The scripture is Alma 29...Oh, that I were an angel! Oh my goodness! I burst out in tears knowing I am understood. I Love the Book of Mormon! It is still amswering my souls questions and is the only thing I want to turn to in hard times!!! I LOVE JESUS!!! <3 ><

And I Love and miss you all an Million home runs ;)

Sarah  (Sister Patterson)

Here's a picture I drew of Sister Scott :)

Transfer Texts are coming again!!! it seems like we just did this but here we are. :) We find out on Friday!!! Oh and talk to you on the 11th!!! ;)

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