Monday, April 14, 2014

Email 4/14/14

Man, Oh Man, do I have a Story for you all! Ok well here it goes!

This is Saturday the 12th:

Well we have a lot of things coming up like our Easter Musical Fireside which is on the 13th, a blood drive on May 10th that is being held in our chapel and the BYU Idaho Sinfonietta coming to Springfield. So as you can imagine we had a tons of flyers to give out!

After we find a place to park and start walking towards a Festival that was going on and handing out flyers. Before we got to the heart of the Festival Sister Scott froze! and said,

"Oh No!"

"What? is something wrong?"....

"Oh NoNoNoNoNo!"


"Yes it is!...This is the Weed Festival!!!"

"Oh, Man! wonder they all look like Hippies!"

Ha ha! Oh dear! We decided to avoid the heart of it all and just walked by the restaurants where there were more families...Who takes there Families out near this, seriously!!!! PEOPLE REALLY!

Surprisingly enough we got some pretty good contacts out of it! There was this old man getting in his car and the feeling was so slight that I could have easily looked past it. I mean he was going somewhere but I politely yelled, "Excuse me Sir!?" He just sat in his car and we started talking to him...turns out he is looking for a nice Church to go to and I told him that thats what we do. We tell people what we believe so that they can find for themselves about the gospel. Then we asked if he would like us to come by sometime to do so. He loved the idea and gave us his name, number and address!!!!! :)

THANK GOODNESS I followed that still and small voice! It's like the saying, "If it is a good thing, DO IT!

Then another guy playing the harmonica was really nice :)

Oh man, then Sister Scott went up to a group that you could tell was totally stoned and they told us that we were glowing and to keep letting our light shine! haha! Well there right! ;) To bad they had to be stoned to see it…haha!

Oh, then I think we sparked something with this kid sitting on a bench! We started talking and asked him what it would mean to be able to have true and full happiness without it being temporary? It totally baffled him. He said, whats wrong with temporary happiness? and we told him how our relationships and everything about our lives were so much better and stronger and REAL. Then his phone rang!!!!! I HATE CELL PHONES!!!!!!!!! We had to leave but we feel like we at least prompted thought and curiosity and we gave him a card so hopefully he will look at it.

Well that is just as much as I can write about today. We have to go finish some things and then go to a softball game of one of the girl that we take with us all the time named Sasha. :) So fun. :)

Love you a million Crazy Hippies!


Sister Patterson

We sang as well for our ward fireside. We sang "Savior Redeemer of My Soul".

And Sister Bell and Sister Wagner are the Sisters doing a special assignment for a mobile visitors center and if it goes well, the church is going to grab it and spread it through out all the Missions!!!

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