Monday, May 5, 2014

Email 5/5/14

Us with some really Cute and tinny Kittens!!! 
I had a ton of hair on me after and had to use a ton of hand sanitizer afterwards 
but it was so worth it ^^ haha!

Sister Scott and I are staying together for another Transfer!!!
We had a really fun Zone meeting and then made breakfast for lunch together and waited for Transfer-Texts. So fun! :)

I have been thinking about you all so much in excitement for getting to see you on Mothers Day!!! :)
I am trying to think of all the things I want to talk about and there is far too much! haha!

The weather keeps making me think I'm in CA which isn't good for making me feel trunky...haha! Don't worry, I love being our here and am trying to soak in every minute but boy am I excited to just be home and apply the things I've learned with you so we can all be the Missionaries best friends and then be translated...sound like a good plan? haha!

2 of our Investigators came to church yesterday!!! and we have had so many members out with us these past few weeks! It was 12 members then 12 again and then 8 this last week! :)
So many of them gave similar responses just like you Mom! They said, I just feel so good and I am really glad I came out with you! :) They have been so good to help us with our miles by giving us rides and such. :)

A dream that I have now is to be a Mission Prep. Teacher!!! and guess what? We just started teaching some of the youth that are getting ready to go! It was the best ever! After we gave an intro to what we would be going over, we asked them to bring some things like their scriptures, a note book, and be prepared to do role plays where you will pretend to be a none member and Missionary. Then one of them said, "I can just try bringing my friend that's not a member"...Ok... that works. haha!

Oh, My, Goodness! Sister Scott just told me that her friend is serving in the Ventura CA Mission her name is Sister Clark and she was there right when you moved in and they took Jessie out with them to meet the Korean Guy!!!

Oh man, small world!

Here is Sister Clarks words from the Email she sent Sister Scott...

"Yes, I do know the Pattersons, they just moved into my ward just before I was transferred, they are SO awesome! I love them! Also, they have the best voices, and Sister Patterson is very missed. Her daughter Jessie came out with us to talk to a man who knew Korean, and she told us all about her mission. Sister Patterson told us so much about Sarah, she is very missed and very loved. That is so awesome! Say hi to her for me, and her family!"
-Sister Sara Clark serving in Ventura California

I will save some fun stories for when we talk. :) We are going to go shopping now and clean out our is in great need of it...haha! ;)

Thank you all for your letters and I will see you soon. ;)
Love you a million cute pictures of Cash and Guy! XD


Sister Patterson :)

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