Monday, February 17, 2014

Email 2/17/14

Sister Slater, Me, Sister Nelson, Sister Roy

 Sister Bingham my Trainer

This week was crazy with Transfers! but we survived! One thing that happened was that when Sister Roy left to Plymouth she also took the phone with her!!!! Ahhhhhhh! ^^ It turned out ok though because they sent it in the mail and now we are back and connected to the world again! :D haha! and we just judged for ourselves that Thursday was a snow day (which we found out it was the next day at District meeting :) and they all welcomed us with an all together, "Your alive!" haha! ^^

We got a cool Service opportunity coming up to help with a food pantry in Wayland in a little Church's basement :) Fun Fun! ^^

Sister Slater is Totally AMAZING!
She is so fun and dedicated! She is working so hard to learn all the people which I am still doing myself . ;) The ward is huge! There is a lot of work to do but we are doing our best to keep on top of it.
Sister Slater is from Woodland Hills in Utah. She love's to dance and she has a little ukulele! That was fun and I have video's to send of us playing. :D Oh and she loves Dolphins. ^^

That is something that I am really working on and feel a lot of responsibility on my shoulders being the one who has been here the longest and I don't want anyone to be forgotten! So, with the advice the President gave me, I am taking things one step at a time and really trying to prioritize. We are planning out a lot of really good things and as a companionship we have a ton of similar goals :) We were talking about it and it was funny because Sister Slater and I realize we are more chill people. Our old companions were similar to each other as well so we were thinking that now that the ones that are more similar are together we are going to need to take the things that we learned from those companions and use this as a growing period in the areas that our companions used to fill in the weaker areas.

Love you loads of Snow days stuck in our apartment! ;)      
Sister Patterson
Sarah :)


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