Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Email 2/12/14

Ok so........Sister Roy is getting Transferred!!!!! and my New Companion is......Sister Slater! The Girl Sister Langton told me was related to her! She came out the same time as us and she is really nice! I am really excited! :)  

I am going to have to teach someone an area for the first time! >< I got a blessing from the Elders and after Sister Roy got one because she had just gotten a cold. :P 

AND!!!! We woke up this morning thinking, "Ok we have today to do everything because tomorrow is Transfers" then we get a text from Sister Packard saying, "Because of the Storm that is coming tomorrow we have moved Transfer meeting to...tonight... at 6:30pm!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! We rushed around and I'll tell you something you can really accumulate a lot of stuff in 7 months. haha! Poor Sister Roy plus she has all her medical stuff too!  It was like I got to experience moving with you guys after all! haha! I was filling  boxes and everything. ;) 

We got to go to some thrift stores and one of them was called, "Sister Thrift" :D haha! We took a picture! :) I even found a pair of pants that aren't high water!!!!! FINALLY!!! XD haha!   

Us with Sister Little! 

The Boucher Family on the day of Tyler and Emma's Baptism :D

Here they are in their jump suits ^^

Us with Tyler & Emma

Us with Jose who had a hand in helping teach the Boucher kids even before he was Baptized.;) 
He is growing up so fast!

The Baptism on Saturday was amazing and the R.S. room was packed! :) They really felt loved from so many people coming! I have a tender story to tell you that I don't have time to share right now but really brought a new perspective. I didn't know I could grow this much!  It's like seeing new muscles after working out for a long time ;) 

Oh, and we will find out soon but I heard though the grape vine that I may not be the designated driver anymore!!!! :D I have become a better driver and come to enjoy it but now I may be able to relax :D

Love you a million things to do and never enough time! XD

P.S. I drew Sister Roy and she loved it! :D

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