Monday, December 29, 2014

Email 12/29/14

Ward Christmas Party

I have loved serving with Sister Ng! she has helped us be able to communicate with people that we would have never been able to otherwise! We have a 2 potential Chinese families and one of them said that they would visit our church this Sunday!!!

We are hoping to start an english class her so that people that normally come can have exposure to our church!

I have loved serving here in Amherst and have made lasting relationships! Sister Ng has asked me so many times why I haven't asked why I have been here so so long and I say, "I don't know!" I feel like it's not really a question. Every companion, person and experience I have had I have felt like I was needed and had a purpose! :)

I can't believe time has gone by so fast! I can't believe I am going to see you all in just a matter of weeks!!!!!!! I have tried to think about my future plans like college and such but then I start to feel guilty and say this is so prideful!!!
I have loved my Mission and have become a new person! I am so excited for my future! :)

I want you guys to make sure my homecoming is filmed! I will try from my end as well but I don't know how that will work if I am pulling a ton of stuff but it might be before I get my stuff! Let's hope!

Oh, my goodness! Only 2 more emails then I will be home!!! Just so you know I am still super focussed on the work! Coming home just feels like another transfer! haha! ^^

Love you a million things to pack! and not enough time to baptize all of Amherst!!!


Sister Patterson!

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