Monday, January 5, 2015

Email 1/5/14

I have had the most amazing Mission and I have made so many amazing friends!

We have been seeing blessings everywhere!

We had so many people say that they would come to church this week and then...freezing rain happened! We walked out to our car that had turned into one big ice cube! ...yeeeaahhh... and the ice scrappers were in the car! and boy! those doors wouldn't open for anything!!!!

Then me thinking I was so smart said, "Let's boil water put salt in it and pour it on the car til it opens."

We did this and it actually helped but the stinkin' car still would not open!!! Why I ask you??? It felt like it was glued shut!!!

Then as I was working on the trunk suddenly my thoughts drifted to the keys in my pocket and I then reached for sister Ng came up to the car I looked at her ice scrapper in hand and said, "I got it open!..." I awkwardly took a second to push down my pride and told her... " I forgot to unlock it....her, ...."no comment". We were both soaked with the rain and then headed to church.

I used this story in my testimony and applied it to how we as humans may think we are all that and full of wisdom but there is only one thing that can truly open the windows of heaven and make things happen! and that is prayer, scripture study and obedience!

Well that is all I have time for now but lots more to tell you when I get home! I am so excited to have the Sisters teach us a lesson! haha! on the other side! I am going to be a muggle again!

Love you a million ice cubes! :D


Sister Patterson!!!

By the way Alicia's Baptism in on Sunday!!!! Pray for her!

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