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Email 12/1/14

So.....Thanksgiving was good! :D haha! I know you are dying to know if I am being Transferred and so I will not delay it any longer!
We had to wait a little longer to get T-Texts this time because President didn't want to take away from his sacred family time at Thanksgiving so instead of Fri. afternoon they came on Sat. night at around 10pm!

All I remember was that we were getting ready for bed and writing in
our journals/prayers when right

before I started my prayers I saw a blue light...I grabbed the phone and.....AHHHHHH! T-Texts! I tried not to make a noise and threw the phone and said the craziest Prayer was so bad! ^^

Dear Heavenly Father...Thank you for this Day and all my blessings....and for T-Texts... they just came and I am excited and nervous!...Sorry this is so short! Then I wrote down some quick thoughts for our lessons we would be teaching the next day and then said sorry again and closed my prayer! I looked at Sister Standerfer phone in her hand and yelped out wait for me!!! I jumped on her bed and she read out loud the texts as they came in! Sasha then called and we read them to her live time! She read then paused...AHHHHHH! One of us is getting Transferred!!! It says that a Sister NG (Chinese Sister) is getting Transferred here to Amherst!!! We had to wait for our Zones turn in the texts and low and behold!!!!.....

Sister Standerfer is getting Transferred to Belmont!!!!!

That's right folks the Old Steam Boat is staying and Dieing here! ;)

I am sooooo excited to have an Asian companion!!! and this is really exciting because we have a ton of chinese people here that we can't communicate with!!! I had the thought at one point that it would be really cool to be able to start a Chinese group out here and now that might be possible! :D

She looks really nice and has cute hair! (bangs) ;) a little like Erin's hair! haha!

I read page 76 in The Power of Everyday Missionaries this morning and it is a story of staying desperate and that things didn't happen until the very end because he wasn't as desperate in the beginning! I hope that this is like my getting close to the end desperation that will help this area prosper! I really don't want to be the thing in the way of it's progression!

Thanksgiving was really busy actually! Considering the slower pace of people being gone for the Holidays!

We went and had Thanksgiving with Melany and Aliuska (Her friend in the apt. complex) it was really fun and they told us all about the boys they like and then they would ask us if we had anyone and of course I got really awkword because I am a Missionary! Is this even legal? but it was fun! ^^ haha! I told them, "Ok here are some really cute stories about how my Mom and Dad met." They loved the stories so much and asked if this was real life or a movie story! Then they told me to make it into a movie because they wanted to watch it! haha! ... We then shared a scripture Alma 26:16 and they really liked it as well!

We took pictures with them so you can see them!

We had Dinner at Sister Vargas's and it was sooooooo goood! She is a master in the kitchen! :) and we got to meet her daughter! She is the coolest and she lives in New York!

We went to Church and were in the clerks office before Church started to finish our progress report when Bishop popped open the door and said, "There is someone here that knows you Sister Patterson!" first I thought it was someone from another area but then I remembered.....Oh man, it couldn't we walked over to the chapel and.......Oh, my goodness!!!! He turned to look at me and the water works came a flowen! "That's my uncle", I muttered after I saw the confused face on Sister Standerfer's face. I could tell I was making him a little teary eyed as well which didn't help me at all! By the way Dad, you have a twin! It was so hard to look at him and not see you Dad! I clung to him the rest of church and it felt so good to have a person that I could sit next to and not worry about saying something wrong and offend someone! He teased me and I felt right at home...haha! I now remember the humor that I will return to...haha! I love you Dad! He gave me a huge XXL bag of peanut M&M's and a pack of gum! haha! so funny! I made sure to ask how his missionary work was doing and no worries that I can see! He and Michelle are doing a wonderful job being a Missionary just like you 
all! :)

After we found out that Sister Standerfer was getting Transferred she got really nervous to tell Melany...She and Melany had a really fast connection that was so powerful!

We stopped by on Sunday night and as we walked up the walk way we could see Melany in the Stair well window pacing.

Sister Standerfer nervously walked in front as Sasha and myself walked calmly behind.

When we got to her Sister Standerfer broke the news to her. Melany was silent. We told her that this is not the end but that Sister Standferfer would be able to keep in contact! Melany was pretty upset and didn't understand why she had to leave! She even mentioned that she wanted to talk to who was in charge and say that what they did was wrong! Aliuska was there too and understood that it really wasn't in our central. Melany left the room and we thanked Aliuska for being here for Melany but we had to get going to our next appointment. We asked here to take care of her and to tell her that we love her.

We are so sad to not be companions anymore but we are also excited for the future!
Oh, Man so much more but we have to go get Sister Standerfer's hair cut by Sister Degrasse! :)

Love you a million snow flakes! and only 6 1/2 weeks left!!!


Sister Patterson

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