Monday, December 22, 2014

Email 12/22/14

Mission Christmas Conference

I feel sooo bad! I haven't talked to you in forever!!!
I have loved your letters and and I have so much to tell you about when we Skype.  We have had the a ton of really cool experiences! We taught 3 1st lesson's this week!!! One of them is a for sure new investigator and the other two were awesome but we need to have another meeting to confirm there interest moving forward! 

Sister Ng is so funny and I will have to show you some on Skype. haha!

The Lord has been showering us with blessings! We have been opening our mouths like crazy and giving out the He is the Gift cards and it feels so good to contact people more then I have been! 

I am doing ok. I was struggling a little bit feeling like I haven't given my all in parts of my mission but after hearing one elders Testimony at the Christmas conference where he openly said he had regrets of things I didn't do on his mission, I felt like I let a load off my shoulders and started to cry. It felt good to hear so much vulnerability and see his actual growth in saying how the Mission has changed him. He also said that he used to not have a testimony but now he does! Man it was good! Then President Packard told him to stay up there and he ran up and grabbed him by the shoulder and said, "Yeah! his calendar could have been fuller in the beginning and he didn't know where the book of Jacob was but even though he didn't know those things that isn't what matters...because now he has experienced true conversion!

I have been thinking about what I want to share when it is my turn to share my Testimony at my last Transfer meeting!!! I have so many thoughts and not enough time or words to share them... Well I will do something and end it with "and I'm a Mormon!" haha!

I feel like things are real and yet fake. I have come to love so many people here on the mission that I can't imagine my life without having met them! Now the home sickness is turning towards the people here! I can feel it already!!!  :(
I just want all the people I know to be all in one place!

We are going to be at a members house at 2. We will eat then I can Skype so maybe around 3ish here. I will call first to make sure you are ready and set up the computers! 

It is so weird that you are meeting people I have served with! I love Sister Bell!!! :)

We are very busy and running around like crazy people! haha! Love you all and talk to you on Christmas!!!

I got the Packages by the way! I will make sure to keep them cool! haha!

We are going to a FHE at the Whites who is one of the stake presidents counselors and President Packard is going to be there!!! so exciting! :)

Love you a Million He is the gift cards to give out before Christmas!!!


Sister Patterson :) 

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