Monday, November 17, 2014

Email 11/17/14

We feel the excitement of the Mission and the Blessings that have been pouring out upon everyone! We are at 39 Baptisms that have happened and 100 to go.

I have seen so many things happen here in Amherst that are amazing but at the same time the adversary is trying to hit us too!

Some of the amazing things that happened was that we Got to see Melany the 17 year old girl. We saw her on Saturday. When we went to the answer and as we were walking out the front of the apt. we hear a little voice say, "Hey, come up here!" We turn around and see Melany's head poking out of the stairwell landing window one floor higher. We went up and she looked really solemn. We asked her what was wrong and she put her hands in her face and started to cry! We hugged her and told her that we loved her and told her that she is a beautiful daughter of God! We continued to console her as best we could. We just sat at times and let her cry out her tears. We shared a scripture about the Atonement and how Christ knows how she feels. A look in her eyes sparked and I could tell that was what she needed to hear. Sister Standerfer paused then asked..."Do you want a blessing? She looked up and said, "Yes!" do you even know what that is?" Melany, "No but you said blessings and I need that!" We smiled and told her a little about what they are and she really liked the idea even more!. We sang her some hymns that we could tell calmed her spirit and then she told us, "You guys always come at the right time! Just before you got here I was praying that you both would come so I could see you. Every time you guys are there when I start to feel sad...Thank you!" We were relieved because we didn't want to seem annoying :) We just always think about her and want to make sure she is safe and happy. Anyways, the sweet part is that we were able to get her that blessing! She was waiting for us and we had our YSA Ward Mission Leader Jarron give her the blessing. It was sweet and the spirit was so strong.

Alex our other Investigator is not being allowed to be baptized this month and his parents want him to wait until his Mom gets back from Cape Verde...that is in March... we are so sad but we know that as we continue to make efforts to get to know the parents better that things will turn out the way the Lord needs them to.

A special moment that we had with him just last night was that we talked about the Plan of Salvation again and we had him tell us what he remembered and he did awesome! We told him that we should give him a name tag and he should teach our investigators! He just smiled and looked all shy but at the same time proud of himself! ^^ He is so cute! We really want to take him out with us to teach! and we will soon! ;) but anyways we got talking about the after life and started talking about the Temple! We talked about how we can do baptisms for our ancestors in their place so that they can have the same opportunity that he is having right now to prepare for baptism. He thought that that was really cool and that he liked how God was so good to make it so that people can have a 2nd chance to hear and accept the Gospel! and that it made sense! That's because it totally does Brother and Sisters! The Lord is kind and wants us to have every opportunity to live with him again! Alex said that he was excited that he could do that for his deceased family members and for the first time in forever I got to teach someone to the point that I can teach about Temples and see the light go on in there eyes in excitement! Thank you! I feel like I am always wanting to teach about the Temple and help people see that there is more here then just for you! This is the Lords work that is needing to be done for those who have had to wait far to long for the blessings of baptism and other sacred promises!!! I could see that he was a little sad after he realized that he had to be baptized before going to the Temple and that he would have to wait until March but I feel like he is going to get stronger and stronger as time goes on! :)

Random Fact! Tuesdays are the worst to schedule!!! Really though!! They are always a struggle!!! This week we tried super hard to make it really full and it was looking really good when suddenly everything but 2 appointments fell through! Oh, man! We will get there! but there are always those days that are rough.

Pictures of us in Pittsfield for District meeting with the first snow!!!

Oh, man,  Sister Standerfer made me laugh so hard today!!! We have been emotionally drained the past few days and that it made me think of the time when Mom and Dad were building the house and the basement flooded and the kids ran in with their swimsuits saying it's a swimming pool! There was a choice to be made! and that was to cry or laugh...I have chosen to laugh! Sister Standerfer thought I was crazy or something. haha! Oh dear! but she is really funny so the tiredness just made it even more so.! haha! ^^ Please pray for our investigators! They need it!

Love you all a Million snow flakes! (it is raining right now and Sister Standerfer is upset because if it is cold it should be snowing so there is a reason for it to be cold! haha!)


Sister Patterson

By the Way Baby Ray is stinkin' CUTE!!!!! I love her!!! I can't believe she is already 1 month!!! :D

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