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Email 11/3/14

Sister Standerfer and myself had an amazing experience at the Zone Conference! We were utterly inspired! We were Trained by Elder and Sister Lawrence (one of the 70) who came to our Mission!!! They Trained us on how we are at a momentous time in our day and Mission! How we are helping to gather the tribes of Israel and boy do I understand that a lot better then I used to! Sister Lawrence talked all about it and I can't tell it all over email the same as she gave it but I will tell you what...WOW! and of course President and Sister Packard talked to us as well! They trained us on how our Mission is at a very special point! Our Missionaries are becoming more Consecrated then ever and the month of November is looking to be a month in the Mission to Remember! We are in the 100's for Baptism Dates just for Nov. and Elder Holland talked to President Packard and said that amazing things are going to happen along with somethings that were very sacred.  I won't write about them now but know that great things are in store and we are the ones who, if we cleanse our inner vessel (our hearts) and pick something to give to the Lord as a Sacrifice for something greater then the heavens will be opened and the angels from heaven would be round about us and that we would have chariots of fire fighting for our cause!

There is so much that I felt like I wanted to give up to the Lord and sacrifice but know that I needed to Fast and Pray about it.

We had great hopes for our Baptismal dates in our area, Adrien and Alex.

Alex we told about at the Zone Conference was wanting to be baptized on the 29th which would be right before his Mom leaves to go back to Cape Verde. We told him that Satan doesn't want him to be Baptized and would do anything to make that happen! We said that because you have such a huge and Powerful Spirit that Satan is Scared of you so of course he is going to try to stop you! He started to look really confident and excited about being baptized! but then after he talked to his parents but they want him to wait until his Mom gets back which won't be until March!!!!!!

We are going to try everything in our power but I know that sometimes things will happen certain ways for a purpose. Considering we want the Missionaries teach his Mom in Cape Verde as well. We will see what happens and let you know.

I feel like I really need more faith with things! I think that through my mission I have seen so many Miracles that the words "How could I doubt?" come to mind but I have also had moments where something I never would have doubted would turn out bad suddenly or have a bad twist and turnout. I understand that somethings are just going to have a different timing but can be discouraging! I am in a funky mood and I know that Satan is just trying to keep me in a complacent state and THAT IS NOT EXCEPTABLE!!!! I want to become more and I have been getting too comfortable!

One of my dreams has been to be apart of one of the stories that President Packard would want to share in one of his talks. ^^ All of the stories that he tells us have always helped me do some crazy things and meet some funny people that I wouldn't have met otherwise. ;) I want fun things to tell my future generation :)  and you can only have those if you have courage, Joy and faith.

I constantly think of the Story President Packard told of 2 Elders that were sprinting from one appointment to another on the sidewalk and a lady wanted to know why they were running? "Because we are sharing the Gospel!" they said. That intrigued her and made her want to know more! I want that!

I have thought about what I want to put on the Alter and I have been racking my brain trying to choose the thing that God needs me to give up but I feel like there are just a lot of little things and I am not sure how to word it. I did get one thing specifically which wasn't what I was expecting.

It was to not let any negative communications leave my mouth about anyone.

I have tried to be kind in all I do and say in my life but I feel like there are things that I have said in casual conversation that as Elder Uchtdorf said in his talk to simply, "Stop it!" I know that it will help me in my next step of consecration and in being more forgiving of people. Hopefully this will also help me in my self forgiveness.

I still struggle with getting anxiety about people thinking I have different intentions or like I am irritating or inconvenient. I hate feeling that way because I love other people so much and would never want them to feel that way or that I think that I think that of them. I just want to be helpful but then sometimes I feel bossy and then get down because I wouldn't want someone telling me what to do either! I need to learn how to say things better and simplify more! I want to help people but I feel like my spirit has better words then I know in the English language!!! and though the Mission I feel like it has just gotten worse! Because my thought and comprehension has gotten bigger the smaller my vocab has become.

Well, I am just excited for what after this life will be like when I won't have to get frustrated with people asking, "I don't get what you are saying" and I can just teleport my thoughts to them and them to me!

Oh, dear! Sorry you have to read through my ranting but I appreciate your patience and Love. I feel totally un-judged from you but also a desire for me to better myself as well! It is the best thing you could do for me!

We had a good experience with a Media referral that we got! Her name was Nina. We had tried to stop by her place but no one was home and so we left a note on her door.

The next day or so we tried calling her and left a message. We suddenly get this really nice text saying, "Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving the note and for your voice message! I would love to meet with you!" us......AHHHHHHH!!!!! We were so excited! We set up a time and place to meet and brought Sister Young from our ward. She was the perfect person to bring, let me tell ya! Nina texted us what she was wearing so we could identify her and we just told her that we would be in dresses, have black name tags and basically stick out like a sour thumb...haha! ^^ She thought that was funny. ;)

We met her and talked for about 2 hours! s
She had so many questions! They were really good questions! And Sister Young answered them like a Pro! She was so calm, loving and truthful in her comments that I felt was really impressive to Nina! She liked so much of what we shared with her and is a very spiritual individual. We gave her the Book of Mormon she requested and some Pamphlets. She texted us just recently saying that she read and also read a little of the Book of Mormon and that she liked them! We are hoping to meet with her again soon! :)

We feel like a lot of things that she asked were about things that people thought we didn't or did believe. We feel so good that at least we were able to give her a positive experience and seeds of truth were planted. :)

I Love you all a Million things to consecrate to the Lord!


Sister Patterson :)

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