Monday, October 27, 2014

Email 10/27/14

Ok, so some amazing news!!!! 

We have been working with Alex trying to get him to an activity or church! We stopped by his apt. to see if he wanted to come help the Youth decorate for the Halloween party and at first he was hesitant but then he talked to his Mom and she said he could go!!! We got a ride for him and we stayed at the activity to introduce him to the kids. They were playing dodge ball when we came in and as he got into it he immediately said to us, "I want to come every week" !!!!! We were so happy to finally see him interacting with the other kids and having fun. This was a huge step! Afterward we asked him if he wanted to come to the Halloween party to help with the Haunted house and he looked at us with a big smile and said' "Yes!!!" Another miracle was that when we went to make some calls to set up a ride, Alex said that he had already called one of the Boys from YM's and asked for a ride to Church on Sunday...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are so proud! ^^ He really wants this and is willing to put forth effort himself! This is awesome!
He has another Game today so I might have to run off soon! There is a ton more that happened. AHHHH!

Oh, yeah and I got sick on Friday night which was not fun but I am feeling a ton better! Sister Standerfer acted as "Mom" for that time making sure I took medicine and rested. ^^

I love this area so much and the people have become my family!!!!

Sasha, has my Camera so no Pictures today and I made some voice recordings but I forgot the cord! Sorry! ><

Love you all a million non members at church!!!! (Truly though! We had a ton come and they all really liked church!)  We actually get a lot of students come in once in a while for there world religion studies for a paper.


Sister Patterson :)

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