Monday, October 20, 2014

Email 10/20/14

We found out about Transfers!!!!!! and the verdict is......

First, I will start out with Friday morning. While we were getting ready for district meeting and being anxious to hear what the Transfer Texts were going to say, we got another text from Sister Packard saying that the texts were not going to come after our District meeting because they were both at their Mission President meeting in New York and President wanted to prayerfully finalize everything. So we all would have to wait. haha! Oh, man!, everyone was going super crazy!!!! Sister Standerfer and I had been going back and forth saying things like, we only have been together for 1 transfer and then we get on the topic of how long I have been here...yeah, then after I say that I have been here for 5 Transfers they say, "oh! ...yeah, you're out of here!" The T-Texts ended up coming Friday night and.....

WE ARE STAYING TOGETHER!!!!!! This will be my 6th Transfer here!!!! haha!

I can't believe how time is flying so fast!!!!

Haha! Well here we go! and now Sister Standerfer says that she will be leaving the next one and I will die here! Well, we will just have to wait and see what happens. ;)

WE have had a drama filled week!!! so we are now teaching Alex's uncle and then we went back to their apt. to see if he would be coming to church and when the door opened.....AHHHHHHHHHHH ...jumping hugging and screaming!!!! MELANY!!!!!! yes, that Melany! We found her!!!! We haven't seen her since we found her when we went to see Alex for the first time! There is so much more to the story that I will have to just record or something but she was so excited to see us and she said that she thought she would never see us again and almost cried as we were talking to her!

We are working really well together and sometimes we even say the same thing at the same time which people think is pretty funny. ^^

Oh, so Sister Standerfer's Sister and her friends are super big Volleyball fans and would really like some audigraph pictures of Casey if possible. haha! I told her I would ask and see ;) There are 15 girls. If you could do that Casey, my Companion would be eternally grateful! :)

We also had a really amazing lesson with David and the spirit was so strong. We first had the Starlipers give the first part of the Restoration and then we had him close his eyes and visualize he was Joseph Smith as we read JSH 1:15 -20.  After we were done he opened his eyes and he had the most pure innocent and pleading look. Then we said that we wanted this to keep this sacred moment and then put on the Restoration video. Then we had him kneel down and say a prayer out loud. It was such a real prayer asking real questions and pleading for an answer. We prayed so hard in that moment that he would be able to let down the walls he has put up so that he could at least feel an ounce of the Love that God has for him. wW feel like he has progressed a ton throughout these few months that we have been meeting with him and we would really appreciate your prayers for our investigators that could really use them right now:


I know we personally can let down our own walls and visualize a beam of light coming.

By the way I really like this link:

Plan of Salvation

We have so much going on and I really don't want to leave this area! I would be fine to die here! ;)

By the way I put a million pictures on the dropbox!!! Sasha and Sister Standerfer were good enough to be my models so I could practice my photography. haha!

Sister Patterson

This is Sister Standerfer's Perspective of Saturday

Saturday was such a fun day! We started out with some service and then a birthday party. In the afternoon we went to Northampton and stopped by a few less active members' homes with Sasha. That night we went to go and stop by our new investigator Mario's to see if he was coming to church the next day. Instead, we found MELANY!!!! She is our investigator Alex's (the 15 year old) half sister. Sister Patterson and her previous companion, Sister Wheeler, had found her and began teaching her and had actually set a baptism date before Melany's grandma said that she couldn't meet with the missionary's anymore. We talked with her for about 2 hours on Saturday night and had made a few calls so that she could come to church the next day. While we were there her grandma came home and I knew that we had made a big mistake in staying so long.The next day a member in the ward went to pick her up and there was no answer at the door. Sister Patterson and I left church to stop by as well and there was still no answer. We had an appointment with her later that afternoon and she told us that after we had left that she got in really big trouble. When we came to see her that morning her grandma was home so she couldn't answer the door or come to church. It is becoming a great big mess!!! But the irony of the situation is that we are teaching the grandma's son Mario. In fact, she is more or less demanding that we teach Mario, but won't let us teach Melany (her granddaughter). It is a very confusing situation and it has been a crazy few days with this on my mind!

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