Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Email 10/14/14

 I am so excited to meet sweet Baby Ray! ;) there's a double meaning in that! hehe! ^^
She is is so stinkin' cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so happy! I want her to be the first baby I get to hold off my mission! XD

We got to go to Return and Report for the new Missionaries 
and then we got to go to the Temple!!! 
I feel so spoiled! :) It was a very sacred time. 

What a week! first off I am writing today because we got to go to the Temple yesterday and they told us that we can just write on Tuesday instead!

We are doing amazing and feeling pretty spoiled that we got to go to the Temple 2 times in the span of a week! We got to go on Wed. for return and report for all the new Missionaries and there Trainers! They gave trainings then had it where the Trainers and the Greenies split and had question and answer sessions. I couldn't think of a question because the thought I that if I had something I wanted to work on then I would just talk to Sister Standerfer about it...we work really well together and aren't afraid to talk things through. Don't get me wrong we aren't perfect. We have our little tiffs but we realized that in our minds we're thinking of the same things but in a different way or angle. As we have had heart to heart times we have become more aware of how each other thinks and it is helping a lot! :) 

"This was last P-Day we climbed to the highest point in Massachusetts!!!!!! 
it's not even as high as the Provo valley...ha ha. ^^

It was so fun! 

We have a Book of Mormon challenge from our Mission president to read the whole Book in 2 Transfers and to mark the Tender Mercies of the Lord! I personally added Blessings, Gratitude, Obedience and Faith.

I was looking at these two scriptures next to each other and saw them in a new light! 1 Nephi 8:24,31 how are they the same and different?

I loved pulling these verses apart and came up with all sorts of analogies!

Our Mission President has also been talking about consecration and how for instance when you set apart olive oil it forgoes any possibility of any other use to accomplish something greater. This also applies to how we have been set apart to be a Missionary. I so badly want to live a consecrated life even after the Mission! I love the scripture Helamen 3:35. I know that that is true Happiness! I love the Lord and all the opportunities I have to do for his children. :) Nothing is better then to know that through forgetting ones self you can become your true self!

I read the talk Beware of Pride by Ezra Taft Benson but President Hickley gave it and do you know what I realized?....I AM SOOOO PRIDEFUL!!!!! XP
but I am working everyday to be more humble! This talk even though chastising- it was what I needed! Just like Jorg Klebingat in Conference! He was sooooo good! "

Here is Sister Standerfers view of what happened this week!: 

"Saturday was so crazy!! Our day was pretty normal, we made lots of random calls to numbers that were in our phone and set up a few appointments. Though, most of those appointments weren't for our area sadly enough!! But we were helping the other Missionaries out right? But that night, we had planned to stop by and see if Alex and his mom were still planning on going to church on Sunday. We got there and Alex's dad answered the door. Alex wasn't home, but his dad said that he was at his Grandma's (the Grandma that wanted us to stop by her home and teach her family). We headed over there, and I was trying to remember the address from memory because I had forgotten it at home, but I was sure that it the apartment number was 56. We are searching doors and found 57 and 59 etc. but no 56. Sister Patterson and I decided that we would try knocking on apartment number 57 and get directed in the right direction. Well, this older gentleman answered the door. Come to find out he is a Muslim, but he was completely open to looking at lds.org, mormon.org as well as reading the Book of Mormon!!! He was GOLDEN!!!!! Then we headed to the map of the apartment complex, as I was looking I was sure that it was building 109 apartment B. I just knew! We headed over there and after knocking on the door and a Chinese woman answered the door. That was strike 2 (technically!). Well, she invited us in and it was 2 Chinese women living in the same apartment sharing the rent. They were really interested in learning more about what we believe and we are planning on going back on Friday to give them Chinese Book of Mormons!!!!!!! So that night we found everyone but Alex and his Grandma!!! But it turned out GREAT!!!!!!!!!"

Well, we have to go walk to the Church! We don't have our car again but should be getting it back tomorrow!!! We hope that we won't have to listen to our car binging because the car has majior electrical problems!!! I am amazed they haven't put me in an insanity ward! We had to listen to it for an hour on and off driving from Boston!!!!! yepeee! XP

Love you a Million temple Trips and screaming Sister Patterson after getting to hear Mom's voice!!!! Best day Ever!!! Love you all soooo much!!!!


Sister Patterson ;)

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