Monday, December 30, 2013

Email 12/30/13

 I forgot to tell you about Transfers!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, so! everyone in our district is being transferred except us! so those who are leaving are: Sister Bringhurst, Elder Bailey, Elder Wood and Elder Wilhelmsen (He's going home) and the crazy thing is that his companion Elder Paiva is also getting Transferred as well!!!!!!!!! and so we are getting 2 new Elders! ... but wait that's that's not it! they are going to be the new office Elders! So we are going to be getting a lot busier now that the Elders only have pros time from 6pm to 9:30pm....So crazy! Anyways, I just wanted you to know that little important bit of information;)

We got 2 new investigators!!!!!!!!! We saw them on Saturday and one of them is the Lady that came to church all by herself! The other is a Guy we met at the Library and he contacted US! on Christmas wanting to meet with us! :D

Oh man, I am so not in the writing mood! and there are other Elders that need to finish there Emails too so I love you  and am excited to see more pictures.

All of our districts name tags together :)

Our awesome Weston District! this is our last District meeting :')

 The drawing of Sister Wagner. she has wanted one for a long time 
so I did it for her Christmas present :)

Love you!

Sister Sarah Patterson

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