Monday, December 2, 2013

Email 12/2/13



Us at Sis. Baer's making pie's when she texted you that picture.

We had a Big ward FHE! had food and played Family Feud :) We almost had a couple from our English class come but something came up last minute! :( but There's still the Christmas Party! :D

We met a Lady at the CVS right near us and made friends with her and are going to invite her too! She is so sweet! I have really been trying to "Stay desperate" in the work so that the Lord will be able to know he can trust me. ;)  We have really seen the effect of it as we keep our eyes open to opportunities and making sure I never get "satisfied" and "comfortable".

We stopped by the Morales house again and just saw the two girls and we talked to them and tried to figure out a time to come and see the whole family because right then their parents were home but not feeling well. As we were getting ready to leave we told them to just call us if there is a time when they are all together and not doing something. Then Cathy, the 10 year old daughter said, "Oh well actually, I had a cousin over and we got bored so... I started telling her about both of you and what you shared.".........What! This Family is amazing!!! Our investigators are already giving us referrals. We love them so much!!!

We had Thanksgiving at the Tardiff's! We went early and helped cook. :) They have two daughters that are return missionaries! So fun to chit chat :) The food was so yummy and were so stuffed! ^^

Love you a Million potential Investigators!!! ;) Stay Desperate! ;)


Sister Patterson

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