Monday, January 6, 2014

Email 1/6/13

We have had such a great month! We got 10 new investigators for the month of Dec. and when we looked at the passed months the numbers were, 1, 3, 4, 4.....and then 10! so cool!

We are doing ok thankfully. :) We did get a snow day! The mission grounded us on Thursday for the big storm. Thankfully it was a weekly planning day so we just had some very thorough planning done and our phone was so dead by the end! haha!

We got two new Elders and we have been going crazy trying to help them get settled.

Here is Elder Wilhelmsen on top of the Missionary party van 
and then the new AP Elder Bloomfield helping him down. haha!

Well, I'm heading out now. I had a fun time with our district playing in the gym at the church :) I love you loads of swetty Missionaries...eeeeeewwww! haha!

Driving... well we were parked of course ;)

 Driving in the FREEZING!

Eating healthy food with Sister Roy! :)

I'm Dead!!!!?????? Why didn't anyone tell me? haha!

We went to a grave sight and I found my first companions 
and my grave right next to each other! haha!

Then a cute owl rock

I love you a million empty candy rappers ;)

Sister Sarah Patterson

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