Monday, December 23, 2013

Email 12/23/13

I was talking to Sister Roy this week and said, "I wish we had an investigator that was truly interested and assertive in wanting to meeting with us!" an then.....SUNDAY CAME! A lady came out of no where to church all by herself and asked us to teach her more about the church.......!  sooooo exciting! XD

I love to see the Temple!

After we went to the Temple we went to eat lunch. I got to go to Chick file for the first time and it was pretty good Sister Roy was flabbergasted that I had never done there before and after I took my first bight I said , "Yeah, it's good." Sister Roy, "Oh, yeah it is!" haha! ^^

Me and Sister Roy

 Me with Sister Packard

We then went to the fireside portion at the Belmont chapel and had special music from some of the Missionaries and yearned to be in it! I saw one of the Elders with a guitar and I felt a thud in my stomach! I miss playing so much! I would love to have my guitar with me but I am so scared to lose it or something. >< I keep thinking I have a special talent where when I sing I can blend and harmonize! It sounds so good....except I need the voices (You all to do it with) I need you! >< so sad! I did get to sing the song, "Whenever I hear the song of a bird" with Sister Bringhurst and it made me feel so good to finally sing with someone that can hold her own but yet blending! I love her and she enjoys singing with me as well! :) I will try to be in the next music thing that comes up! :)
We were going to sing in the Ward choir for the Christmas program but that was the Sunday I got sick and couldn't go! :( I got the rest I needed and am feeling much better now :)
The President Sang, "Oh, Night Divine" and His daughter sang, "Breath of Heaven".  Man the Packard Family is so talented! :)
Then after that we went to the GYM and ate, watched the Video Skits that each Zone made and then they would do a song after their video. We did the Sisters song from White Christmas and changed the words. I got it on video along with some other fun things that I'm sure you will love them. :)

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha! This shows how crazy fast and much the snow came! haha! 

Oh, haha! I didn't open the one I got at the Christmas Party because I thought that was the Christmas package..haha! Oh well.^^ I was wanting some slippers though and can't wait to go try them on now! ^^ I also got a little package from Grandma and the real Christmas package :D Oh and a totally unexpected package from St. not Grandma & Grandpa but a Patterson from Hickery St? or something like that? ... I'm guessing Pat and Dana? but it was totally awesome! I have so much stuff to open on Christmas! I feel so spoiled >< haha!

I found my SD Card!!!!! it was at the bottom of my wallet! I felt so silly for not looking deeper sooner ^^ haha!

We are going to the Tardiff's for breakfast and calling and we will be getting there at about 9 am. They have possibly 2, 1 for sure computers that we can use but if there isn't time with Sister Roy and the Elders who have to Skype home as well, we are going to the Bishops house for Dinner and can use one of their computers. They told us to just come over whenever we want and that they will be home all day :) They are so nice. ^^
I will be using there home/Cell phones to call you first to figure everything out with Skype. XD I AM SOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!
I can't wait and at the same time I don't want it to come because I don't want it to be over. ><

Well, I'm going to finish reading everyone's letters and then write more soon. Love you! :)  

Sister Sarah Patterson

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