Monday, September 23, 2013

Email 9/23/13

I sent off a big letter on Saturday so you should get that soon! :)

Erin, I got your letter! I was so excited to get it and I loved it! ^^ Im working on one for to send out to you soon! Could you give me your address or is it better for Mom to send it to you?

Jessie, here's the quote that you wrote in my book before I left that:

Teachability is Perfection

"Perfection seems to indicate a sort of end.
A final mastery of something.
But how boring would eternity be if there wasn't room for growth?
So, Perfection is about becoming one in purpose with God.
Therefore, we should focus on that, which is attainable by everyone no matter their level of education or mastery of skills.
Perfection is not an end.
It is not beyond us.
When Christ takes over and makes up for our weaknesses, we become Perfect.
So That relationship with Christ & our Heavenly Father is the most important step towards Perfection.
Perfection is allowing Christ to fill in the gaps.
We don't have to do it all by ourselves."

I love this quote and I have used it so many times in lessons and the reactions I have gotten from people have been so positive :)

It has helped me every-time I read it and it gives me strength when I'm feeling down. :)

I got sick the end of Friday. I am feeling so much better today because of much sweet care from my companion :) also the Elders were so kind to give me a blessing on Saturday. :) I really do appreciate the power of the priesthood and to know that the Elders were worthy to administer it. I felt like a proud mother. ;)

                             The pic's are of me and Sister Giblette one of the Sister Trainers that I spent the day with. :)

I drew Sister B. in a letter that she was sending to her friend and she bragged about my art skills. ^^

 I also drew her a pro drawing for her 4 month mark which was on Sunday. :) 

She Loved her "Mini Me" as she liked to call it .^^ haha! so fun!

We got a ton of paper work done while I was sick so that was a good thing that came out of me being sick. ;P haha! ^^

I love you all and am excited to hear whats happening!

I love and miss you a million tissues ;P


Sarah <3

Sister Patterson

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  1. Too bad you stopped posting on here. I check it once in a while but never surprised when I don't see anything new.