Monday, September 9, 2013

Email 9/9/13

Thank you for you're letters they are just what I needed :)

Our area is doing well and we are starting to go to ARP (Addiction Recovery Program) with one of our investigators and she said that she really like's it! I really like it as well! I was so excited to hear from our District leader (Elder Bradford) that there are 98!!! baptismal dates for this month! :D WOW! His work is hastening!

I feel like I am here in this area for a purpose and I feel like there are some people that needed to hear my testimony and me their's. I love these people so much and I wish that they could see the potential I see in them. :)

Oh! we met with the the T family again (the couple that I said before that I was worried that I had offended) and she was super sweet and she had even taken the time to dig out her Patriarchal blessing and share a part of it with us about Missionary work. It made me so happy to see her reading it. :)

Love you a million raindrops,
Sister Patterson

It's raining right now! :)

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